D is for Dream Interpretation


I’ve been a bit snowed under and missed the second C week so I’ll be posting it a later on out of sequence. But for now, dreams.

I am a very active dreamer but I struggle with lucid dreaming. I can manage it from time to time thankfully its always been during my worst night terrors but usually I’m along for the ride or merely making sure my dream doesn’t become a nightmare. I have also been known to receive messages / see spirits either as part of my dream or as I am about to fall asleep though that interpretation can be considered very subjective.

Since my first pregnancy my dreams have been particularly clear and meaningful. Also its been noticeably that from the time I started working with Hekate my dreams have been a source of guidance.  I can think of two occasions where I consider myself having interacting with Her directly and one occasion where I was swept away by Pan.

I don’t keep a dream journal as such (although I do recommend it if you don’t have very good dream recall) but very significant dreams are entered into my magickal journal especially if I have requested guidance before going to sleep. One thing I do have is great recall, there are dreams I can remember vividly almost 7 years on but they are the most compelling. One thing I often do before bed is drink relaxing herbal teas.  Usually I drink pre prepared teas blended to aid sleep but occasionally I drink teas I have made myself to aid dreaming. There are a number of different blends to be found on sites both magical and mundane but at the moment I am particularly enjoying something called Evening Repose tea. I was introduced to it by my local Moroccan cafe though they include cinnamon in the blend. You can also find pre prepared blends on the Internet from places like RavenMoonlight on etsy. Whilst evening repose is not a specific dream tea it contains many of the same ingredients and I add a small (and I mean very small) amount of mugwort to the blend to get the same effect.

I also don’t have a method as such. Whilst I do occasionally use dream guides I generally look for a main theme or feeling I associate with the aspect I am interpreting.  For example at the moment water dominates my subconscious. I’ve watched floods, been swept away, have rescued people from drowning, been rescued myself the works.

When it comes to interpretation I consider the water and what it is doing rather than tackle the minutiae of each dream.
For me water represents the emotional self or an emotionally charged situation around you. If I am within the water then it is representing me, if I am observing it is a situation around me. The quality of the water also has meaning, but it’s subjective to the observer. For example I was watching a river in flood, the waters rising and falling bringing and taking debris away in a cycle. My interpretation was that my situation was itself an emotionally cycle occasionally choked and unclear but that ultimately it will come clear. There was lots more happening in the dream,  people came and went and spoke to me but none left a real impression on me.


The River Aire features quite a bit of the time when I dream of water.

I find taking the general theme and then looking at an overview of events, rather than obsessing over the meaning of every single aspect of the dream, is much more beneficial than the alternative. The meaning becomes lost in all the detail and becomes very confusing. You can use dream interpretation sites like Dream Moods but be careful how you apply the suggestions to your own situation and dream. You know what is going on and you are looking for the suggestion from your subconscious that your waking mind is too busy to hear.

Hopefully this has inspired you to take a closer look at your dreams in the near future. Have fun and sleep well.


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Weaving Magick and Crochet in the madhouse I call home. I am a devotee of Hekate and a follower of Pan.
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