Rainbows Rainbows Everywhere


Sunny Seacroft © Victoria Newton

Spring is here so rain shower and sunshine are abundant and if you’re lucky a rainbow isn’t far behind. A couple of weeks ago whilst I was at the playground with the girls Baby and I were lucky enough to find one end of the rainbow and I was treated to a beautiful one over our estate only yesterday.

I love rainbows because as well as being so colourful they carry so many meanings. In the practical mundane world they reveal exactly what the light we perceive is made up from, the light spectrum, in the spiritual world it is so much more. They can cause deep spiritual feelings in those that view them, and a sense of unification between mortals and the divine.

In Christianity it is God’s promise to Man whilst the Greeks saw it as a physical representation of the messenger goddess Iris. According to the Irish the leprechauns hide their gold there,  representative of fertility and abundance, whilst the Norse saw it as a bridge between the realms of Heaven which could only be traveled by the God’s and the virtuous. In a magical sense they represent the unification of the four elements in the rain (water), the sun (fire), the sky (air) and the ground upon which it rests (earth) whilst its seven colours are those associated with the seven chakras.

I love being surrounded by colour and at the moment I am working on my colourful scrapgan and spinning up some bright magickal threads, the first of which will be appearing here soon. Being colour aware as I am I was immediately drawn to Oombawka Designs free crochet pattern roundup for the colour Blue. Oombawka has been concentrating on the colours of the rainbow in their roundups recently so there are some bright and colourful patterns to be found in the archives. Even if you aren’t able to enjoy the spring weather these patterns will help being tge spring colours to you so I hope you enjoy.


About knotmagick

Weaving Magick and Crochet in the madhouse I call home. I am a devotee of Hekate and a follower of Pan.
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