To Hex or Heal


My H blog has been delayed by our family holidays in a beautiful holiday cottage in Whitby,West Yorkshire. The week hasn’t let me forget the letter H, with us staying in Holly Cottage and finding my first hagstone, to the point where I felt guilty but Whitby is a technological and wifi black spot and I have been out of touch with the world for almost 5 days.  So, let’s get on with my H blog.

Some of the most common questions that crop up on forums tend to revolve around hexes and curses. Have you ever hexed someone? How do I hex someone? Is it ethical? Putting to one side that the operation involved in curses and hexes are somewhat different the intent remains the same, to do harm to another person or persons.

The question of ethics seems to be the most divisive. Many pagans adhere to the words of the Witches Creed by Doreen Valiente “If it harm none, do what you will” or variations of the same sentiment. Whilst this is a very noble sentiment it isn’t universal to paganism and really only represents the creed of one tradition, Wicca. Personally I prefer an approach as summed up by Joshua Grey in the post Anton LaVey – Controversy and Concern “Do not harm others, but should they get in your way, show them no mercy”. On a further personal note yes I have hexed and have performed binding spells and I probably will do again. One thing I rarely do is hex in anger, although I recognise that there is power in doing so. Harnessing that raw rage empowers your work however I feel that cold rage is more directed and the outcome more likely to be that which was intended.

Unless you are of a particular tradition which has rules and creeds regarding hexes and similar operators the ethics are yours to decide. What I would suggest is that you consider whether or not a hex is justified or if you would be better to petition deity for justice or perform a binding or reflection spell.

One thing to remember is that for you to have the ability to heal you must also have acquired the ability to harm, or in this case hex, as they are opposite sides of the same coin. Just as a healer learns how to harness medicine to heal you they also learn what dosages will cause harm. The fact is that you have a choice in whether or not you use this inherent ability and you should aways remember that the decision to act is yours and yours alone.


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