Crochet Talisman/Spell Pouch

I though it was time to share a simple pattern which is great for making magic and really shows off how weaving the magic physically can affect your spell work. This pattern is ultimatly adaptable, but as written produces a pouch small enough to wear daily and can contain a slip of paper, a dash or two of herbs, crystals chips etc comfortably and securely. Plus you can choose your yarn colours for its association with the focus of your spell work and take the time to stitch your intent into the pouch itself with spoken charms or unspoken intent.

This pattern is written for a four ply pure cotton but will adapt to other yarn weights and types. However you will need to adjust your hook size accordingly and be aware to keep your tension tight so that the contents remains secure.

I will write a separate blog post with herb and crystal correspondences for some common intents to help give people ideas on how to use these magically.  Now, for the practical.


Image © Victoria Newton

Crochet Talisman/Spell Pouch
Terms Used
Ch – chain
Sc – single crochet

You will need:-
A small amount of cotton yarn, I’ve used 4ply 100% cotton
3mm crochet hook
Tapestry Needle
Embroidery Tread (optional)
2mm crochet hook (optional)
Small Button (optional)

Main Body
Chain 16 with the 3mm hook
Row1 sc in 2nd ch from hook and sc across
Row2 Ch1 sc across and turn
Repeat Row2 until desired length, in this case 14 rows
Leave a long tail for sewing.

To make up fold the finished peice in half, wrong side out, and blanket stitch the long side and one short side. Secure and tidy your threads and turn right side out (I used the butt end of a 12mm crochet hook to help with this).

This is where synchronicity get freaky. I  finish writing this article and pick up my book, Treading the Mill by Nigel G. Pearson, to start reading. I turn the page to find a charm spoken by the Witches of Italy when sewing up a charm bag and it just screamed to be shared. So, you might want to seal your intent at the sewing stage with these words, or words more appropriate to your work.

“This bag I sew for luck for me
And also for my family;
That it may keep by night and day,
Troubles and illness far away.”

Et voila a pouch. You can either edge in the same colour/weight of cotton, in which case keep hold of your 3mm hook, or use a complementary/contrasting embroidery thread. If choosing the latter you will need the 2mm hook.

For the edging around the opening, attach the tread to just off to one side of the seam, ideally this will become the back of your pouch. Chain 1 and sc around the opening.  When you get to the end slip stitch into the first stitch, cut the thread and secure, tidying away all the ends.

Now the cord, chain up an appropriately long length of cord leaving long tails at either end for sewing on. You might want to consider using a 2.5mm hook if you are sticking with cotton and you find your chain is gappy. I chained 150 stitches in embroidery thread using the 2mm hook. You might also consider a chainless foundation single crochet stitch if you want something a little chunkier. Use your long tails to attach it to the edging at the corners of the opening.

I suggest adding a button to help keep your little bits and pieces inside. A simple chain can loop over your button as a fastener, secured at the back of the pouch. Length will depend on the style and position of the button so you will need to experiment. Again, leave long tails for sewing.  A quick tip, if you make it a little too long you can twist it before looping over the button to make it slightly more secure and it looks pretty.

As you can see in my pouch I’ve added a little embellishment to the bottom, I did this by adding a row of sc along the bottom edge,  sc’ing back across and then adding a picot edge to finish. To make this neat I started with the right side of the pouch facing you. I also added a little key charm to give it that added Hekatean flavour.

Enjoy yourself with this pattern and may your hooking be magical.

NB- I’m sharing this pattern for free so whilst you’re welcome to use the pattern to make your own end product to sell please do not sell on the pattern or reproduce it without linking back to me.


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Weaving Magick and Crochet in the madhouse I call home. I am a devotee of Hekate and a follower of Pan.
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