Knot Magic


With knot of one, my spell begun
With knot of two, my words speak true
With knot of three, I will it be
With knot of four, this power I store
With knot of five, this spell contrive
With knot of six, this spell I fix
With knot of seven, twixt earth and heaven
With knot of eight, is willed by fate
With knot of nine, these powers are mine
As I will so mote it be

Variation of a witches ladder chant

Knot magic, also called cord magic, is one of the most versatile forms of the craft there is avaliable to the witch. From binding an unwanted influence or habit to harnessing the power of the wind, the tying of knots is a flexible operation which makes use of visualisation tequniqes and the manifestation will and personal power to achieve a given goal.

The use of knots in a magic context extends back into antiquity, such as the Gordian Knot, the solving of which would give the hero responsible the ability to conquer Asia. The basic magical operation of knot magic is to bind power and intent into the cord, which can be released at the spells completion or when the energy is needed. 

There are so many ways to use knot magic to achieve your goal and can incorporate elements such a colour to reinforce intent. Common colours used are red for protection and black for banishing but any colour can be used if it fits your intent. Knots are traditionally tied in multiples of three although there are European traditions which use multiples of four. The most important thing is to make sure you use natural fibers in case you decide to leave the knot in nature or intend to dispose it by wind, water or flame.

Visualisation is a powerful element in knot magic. Being able to raise energy and visualise it being bound into the knot is key. One effective way of raise energy is through the breathing exercise known as Pranic breathing.  This technique is used in Yoga and utilises the stomach muscles to deepen and support breathing. As you breath in see yourself pulling up energy from the earth and moving the energy out of your body through your outward breath. Visualize your breath as a greenish-blue mist which carries your energy and intention into the knot.

Here follows a small selection of uses for knots and their methods.

Witches Ladders are a common form of knot magic where an intent or purpose is given energy which is then tied into each knot. The chant heading this article is a variation incorporating different elements of avaliable Witch Ladder Chants, also called the Spell of Nine Knots. The knots are tied in a specific order as follows.


To Bind From Harm
You can use this spell to stop someone from causing harm to you,  themselves and others. Tie nine knots in a cord while saying each time, “I bind you, (name), from harming yourself and from harming others.” When you are finished say, “Three times three, I bind you, (name), from harming yourself and from harming others.” You can then put the cord into a container if water, thus ‘freezing’ them out your life, or burn the cord so that the knots may never come undone.

Wind Knots
This old form of weather magic stores the power of the wind to either release to enliven a windless day or a flagging spirit. In this case a length of cord would be taken in to a wind storm and three knots used to trap the force of the wind within the cord, the first knot releasing a moderate breeze, the second a strong wind, the third a howling gale.

To Prevent Nightmares
Suspend a hagstone on a red cord containing nine knots to guard against nightmares.

Tie nine knots in a length of thread and then tie the cord around the afflicted body part. Wear for a few minutes as you visualise your pain and discomfort being absorbed into the cord. Remove the cord and untie each knot, releasing the ailment, and throw the thread into running water.

I recently employed knot magic in the creation of hagstone charms. Using the Spell of Nine and pranic breathing I charged three knots for a variety of protective purposes. Since then I have been actively working with one stone on a nightly basis and have seen some changes in the nature of my meditations, dreams and visions. I will expand on my work with my stones over time and hopefully aquire more stones as they are proving to be very individual in nature.


© Victoria Newton


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