The movie Malificent is hitting both Pagan and Christian radar’s because of its rebranding of this classic Disney Villain as the ultimate “anti-hero” whilst at the same time paying homage to older believes in the fay and fairy folk in a more positive light. The narrator closes the movie saying “In the end, my kingdom was not united by a hero or a villain as legend predicted, but by one who was both hero and villain” and this sums up what the movie does for the character of Malificent, rehabilitating her into modern culture. There are strong undercurrents of Pagan vs Christian in the movie,  with the King’s Armies strongly resembling the Crusaders of the 13th century and the placing of a pagan at the centre of the story so you can understand why a few pots have been stirred.


Free from constraint. Malificent is a free spirit harmed by someone she loved and is the perfect example of why *not* to piss off a magical being.

I am not going to stomp over the pros and cons of the movie from any perspective in great detail here, Peg Aloi has done an excellent piece on Patheos and there are a couple of interesting articles from Christian writers and The Christian Answer and The Christian Post if you are interested in what Christian movie goers in America think of the movie. The movie is great and both my girls loved Malificent’s character. I had been worried that it would be too dark for the youngest but she was unfazed by the ranging armies and dragons, in fact she was more sympathetic to the dragon than I had expected, showing that she understood the story. Speaking to my eldest later she showed that she understood that not all the fay are pretty sparkly creatures, and that despite a frightening exterior a good heart and intent can lurk within.

No this post is purely about crochet *Lust* and getting my head around Halloween costumes in 2014. A couple of people in my circle have been sharing Serena Gunter’s Maleficent Inspired Hat, a beautiful pattern which inspired me to look further through Ravelry for free alternative patterns (if you crochet or knit and you don’t have a Ravelry account you need one… NOW!). This lead me to DragonBird Creations and her free pattern for a Evil Lady Horn Hat. Apart from also being a great designer (I’m tempted to make her summer love knot top) quite a few of her designs appeal to the paganly minded individual. Although the title doesn’t explicitly say that it is a Malificent inspired creation the influence is clear and as a free pattern it is stunning. 


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Weaving Magick and Crochet in the madhouse I call home. I am a devotee of Hekate and a follower of Pan.
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