Spinning and Song

I have struggled for my S post after I had to put Plan A on hold whilst I access some information from my USB stick. I’ve played around with a couple of ideas but really nothing stuck as a light bulb moment and I was getting a little frustrated at hitting a plateau in yet another area of my life (amongst other things I have a double bed sized neat ripple blanket in process and have lost my eye on getting the pattern right).

But thankfully inspiration is never far away, especially when you hand things over to your patron/ness. Between the full moon, deciding to return my hands to spinning until I can have a good uninterrupted run at my project blanket and listening to Faun’s new album Luna I have decided to dedicate my current spinning project to Hekate and spnning as I listen to Faun’s Hekate, amongst other things.


I am absolutely in love with track 5, Hekate. It is so haunting, Faun completely capture my mental image of ancient Greek music and life in tracks like Arcadia, Andro and Hekate. The German lyrics add to the atmosphere of the song but I’ve never been very good with foreign languages so I couldn’t follow what was being said, beyond the obvious refrain.

Thanks to the awesome Heketean community I was able to get the German lyrics translated into English and they wonderfully capture the essence of the Heketean path; so with thanks to Bjørn Rhaf here are the German and English lyrics to Faun’s Hekate.

Am Ufer der Seen
und am Fuße der Weiden
wollten wir die Menschen verstehen.

Der Mond stand alleine
und im Schlaf deiner Feinde
haben wir uns dann heimlich gesehen.

Was geschah, wird uns bleiben
und am Fuße der Weiden,
ließen wir die Waldnacht zurück.

Und nun bist du mein Anker
im Rausch dieser Tage
und dein Name wird mir zum Gebet:

Refrain: Hekate, Hekate, Hekate!

Du gabst mir die Träume
und jetzt träum ich von dir
Hekate, tritt zu mir.

Was uns bleibt ist das Warten
und das Hoffen und Fragen
und der Drang durch die Lande zu ziehn.

Ohne Rast werden wir alles wagen und haben
den Wind gegen uns, wenn wir gehen.

Wir folgen den Spuren,
doch die Tiere des Waldes
haben sich schon längst schlafen gelegt

und dein Bild ist mein Anker


Artwork by Sandy Meadors

At the shores of the lakes
and at the foot of the willows
we wanted to understand mankind

The moon stood alone
and in the sleep of your enemies
we have secretly met

What happened will stay with us
and at the foot of the willows
we left the forest night behind

Chorus: Hekate!Hekate!Hekate!

You gave me the dreams
Now I’m dreaming of you
Hekate, come to me!

What stays with us is the waiting
and the hoping and questions
and the urge to roam through the lands

Without a rest we will risk everything
and have the wind against us when we walk.

We follow the trace
but the animals of the forest
have already laid down to sleep

And your picture is my anchor
in the inebration of these days
your name becomes my prayer.

Translation by Bjørn Rhaf

Sandy Meadors on Facebook


About knotmagick

Weaving Magick and Crochet in the madhouse I call home. I am a devotee of Hekate and a follower of Pan.
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