The Colour Game

Going through my old blog records I came across a post called The Colour Game which I thought was worth a rehash.


The Colour Correspondence GameThe Colour Correspondence Game was originally created by Wyntreand I used a variation of the original game with Freya as she was learning her colours.  The original game is meant to help older children learn colour correspondences by combining visual cues and a simple rhyming poem. I found it great for teaching Freya her colours, reciting the poem as I laid out the cards and then asked her to pass me a particular colour. Just to make suresure she had learnt the colours and not the order of the words I would say it first then lay out the mixed cards.

Very early on in school it came clear that she had absorbed quite a lot from this and even now Freya will talk about colours in terms of emotions and concepts rather than things.  Lilith on the other hand is less esoteric and more hands on. I have tried the ‘Can Meme have…’ game with Lilith but she gets grumpy when I say the poem and it’s too complicated for her to say too (gods forbid you should try and sing a nursery rhymes with her!) and she is heavy handed with the flash cards. She’s ended up learning her colours with Freya by playing with large crystals.

The original source suggests having your child draw the images for the cards however I personally found this a little impractical. I found a pentagram to colour in, printed the coloured pictures onto card and sealed them with sticky back plastic. They didn’t last forever, but the worst that really happened to them was getting a little dog eared. To make them more durable you could back them onto thicker cardboard like a cereal box.

What I follows is a slightly altered version of the original poem. I added a couple of lines and colours, simply because I felt that Pink was an important inclusion because of its softer emotional connotations and balanced this with the colour brown. I have also rounded it off with a closing refrain, to make it more of an invocation for older children. My additions are highlighted within the text.

“Red is the colour of power and love,
Orange is the colour of energy from above,
Yellow is the colour of our bright minds,
Green is the harmony our heart finds,
Blue makes us serene and mild,
Purple is the spirit within you, child.
Brown is the colour of earth and the land
Pink is the colour that brings friends to hand.
White is pure as the morning light,
Silver is peaceful like the full moon bright.
Gold is the power of the body and mind,
Black is the banisher of bad things we find.
The colours of life are all around
Look and see what magic can be found. ”

Now Freya is older I am considering ways that I can use this with her further. She is certainly old enough to colour and draw her own cards and read the poem herself. She has a special area in her room which she refers to as her ‘altar’ and I might create her a poster for this space.

I hope you have fun with this, enjoy.


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