To Dare

This virtue at first seemed to be fairly self explanatory but on reflection it has more depth that I had first imagined. The drive to experiment and to explore is a very basic one and is the means through with life and technology grow and evolve. We dare to try and either we fail, and resolve to learn from our mistakes before daring to try again, or we succeed and learning progresses in other ways. 

As magical practitioners the decision to ‘dare’ do something might be the very foundation for our pagan path. If, like me, the decision to follow a pagan path turned you away from the religion of your childhood the experience may have been very daunting. Such a decision can have far reaching consequence on family relationships and social networks and you need to dare to make the change in these circumstances. Being strongly counter culture in some way is often at the centre of a persons path although such expressions are very individual.

On a broader level the magical practitioner will dare to make use of the knowledge they have gleaned. Until we attempt to put our learning into practice we are unable to move forward in the journey of the virtues. There is nothing wrong with so called ‘armchair’ paganism. For all sorts of reasons there are periods of time when it is necessary to retreat behind a book and leave the practice behind but it is necessary to put your skills to use, firstly to hone them and secondly to ensure that theory is being put into practice correctly. By daring to return, or even begin, to practice our magical skills means that we can begin to gather the Will necessary to effect change in ourselves as well as the magical and mundane world’s.

By practicing a magical craft we dare to do many things more than just defy convention. We are approaching the forces of the universe and of divinity and communing with them at a level higher than most men would dare. By approaching these forces we dare to exert our Will over them in order to compel them as we shape the world through our magic.


About knotmagick

Weaving Magick and Crochet in the madhouse I call home. I am a devotee of Hekate and a follower of Pan.
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