Condenser Fluids

Tinctures and condenser fluids have multiple uses within witchcraft such as being used as an aid to meditation and spiritual work as well as becoming spell components in itself.  They are relatively simple to make considering their versatility, requiring a little planning in terms of planetary hours and composition but are quickly made with a long shelf life. 

They can made for many purposes, such as to honour a particular deity and aid the practitioners in working with them or drawing on a particular planetary or healing association.

You Will Need

*Distilled or Spring Water – don’t worry if you don’t live next door to a natural spring, a bottle of Harrogate Spa still water will do just as well. You can also gather rainwater or morning dew, just leave out big bowls as you are going to need a reasonable amount. If you are planning to store this use a tight lidded jar.
*Herbs/Flowers – there are no set weights and measures, use your intuition and reference guides
*High Proof Alcohol (ie Brandy)
*Gemstones (optional)
*Gold Tincture (optional)


As well as gathering your components decide on the planetary day/hour or moon phase appropriate for your purpose.

I am including the method for a Gold Tincture as this gives your condenser fluid a bit of extra zip. It is a nice optional element if you have the time to include it but not entirely necessary.

Make Your Own Gold Tincture
Take a piece of the best quality gold (at least 14 carats). Prepare some distilled water or spring water equal to ten times the weight of the gold. Heat the piece of gold in an open flame until it is red hot, then throw it into the water. Take care that the tool or wire you are using to hold the gold does not touch thewater. Take care not to be splashed by the hissing water.

Now let the water and the gold cool down and repeat this procedure 7-10 times. Add more water, since some of it will boil off each time you cool the gold. Each time, tiny particles of gold – colloids – are liberated, and thus the water will become saturated with gold.

One usually adds 5-10 drops of this gold tincture into approximately 3 ounces of fluid condenser. The piece of gold used for this preparation has to be cleaned for further use.

Preparation of a Simple Fluid Condenser

Take a handful of charged Herbs/Flowers and put them in a pot, cover them with water, and boil for about 20 minutes. Avoid using metal implements and use wooden spoons or chopsticks to keep the herbs moving. If you are using root matter you may want to boil it a little longer to effect a softening of the roots. If you feel the liquid is reducing too much add small amounts to keep the level constant, you will reduce the liquid later but you don’t want to risk it boiling dry later.

Let cool with the lid on the pot, then strain the decoction. Bring the liquid to a low roiling boil and reduce the filtered decoction to about 50 millilitres. Then remove the pan from the heat in order to allow it to cool.

This is the point at which we need to add other ingredients such as an equal volume of alcohol to improve preservation. You can also add 10 drops of gold tincture or gemstones appropriate to your propose at this point. If you wish to use the condenser for your own purposes, you may add a drop of your blood or sperm, if possible both together. Stir the condenser clockwise, focusing on its purpose, as you add these things before leaving it to cool. If the gemstone is small enough you can leave it in the liquid, otherwise remove it once the liquid if fully cooled

Filter again and keep it in a cool dark place, ready to use. Any fluid condenser prepared in this manner does not lose its efficacy even after several years. The condenser must be shaken each time you use it, and the bottle kept corked between uses.

Using Your Condenser Fluid
So now we have this condenser fluid so what can we do with it?

Well it’s up to you. Condenser Fluids are concentrated energies of the component parts and your  choices of herbs will influence your options. You might use it to anoint yourselfas part of a purification ritual or use it to prepare and energize statues and ritual items. If you decide to make a condenser fluid to use it as an internal tincture always check your herbs for contra indications and side effects and when in doubt seek professional advice. If you use art in your magical practice and/or devotions the condenser  fluid couldbe incorporated depending on your medium.

Personally I use condenser fluids to aid meditation be it in general or in relation to a particular deity. I sometimes anoint myself though out the day to give me an extra boost if insight or support from the Goddess.


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Weaving Magick and Crochet in the madhouse I call home. I am a devotee of Hekate and a follower of Pan.
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