Magic Crafting with Pan

Crafting, be it fiber craft, herb craft or witchcraft, always finds a way into my practice somehow. As well as experimenting with infused oils I’ve finally got around hooking up my own personal Pan. Now everything is finished, and I am between  30DoD’s it’s time to share.

Infused Satyr Oil
I have been experimenting with infused oils and tinctures over the past few months and my most recent project has been an infused Satyr Oil. There are quite a few recipes and methods for making satyr oil with pure essential oils and whilst I am a qualified aromatherapist I prefer the subtle tones of infused oils for anointing myself and in ritual.


© Vicky Newton

The amounts given are for 100ml of carrier oil, if that’s too much or not enough adjust the quantities accordingly.

You will need
A jar with tight fitting lid.
100ml carrier oil to suit your purpose or skin type.
A pinch of Patchouli, 12 cloves and a pinch of All Spice all within a muslin pouch or tea bag
One whole vanilla pod and one whole cinnamon stick
10-12 drops of scotch pine essential oil

Charge all your ingredients with intent and dedicate them to Pan. Combine the loose herbs in your muslin or tea bag and pop them into the bottom of a jar. Add your cinnamon stick and vanilla pod and the pine oil. Add the base oil, ensuring that everything is covered. Reseal the jar and then give everything a good shake.

Store the jar in a cool dark place for one moon cycle, remembering to shake it every couple of days. After 28 days the oil is ready to re bottle and use.

Remove the tea bag, pod and cinnamon and if necessary strain through a second muslin or a pair of old tights. If you are gifting it and are wanting something a bit more decorative use a clear bottle and add a new peice of cinnamon stick and vanilla pod as well as a couple of cloves. They will look pretty and keep the infusion process going.

As with anything you intend to use on your skin patch test it first (a dab behind the ear 48 hrs before you’re planning to use it properly). Although infused oils are not as strong as their essential oil counterparts people with sensitive skin may find they still have a reaction. This oil is meant to be for anointing objects as much as the body so you will always find a use for it. Alternatively you can add a drop to a tissue or to your collar or cuff  so you can wear the scent with directly applying it to your skin.


© Vicky Newton

I’ve not used it for anointing objects yet but I’ve anointed myself for ritual, and just because I love the gentle scent. This has actually been infusing a little longer than 28 days whilst I found a better vessel to store it in. I’m going to decant it on the next full moon, watch out for altar pics with it in.

My Personal Pan
Another crafty project I find finally got around to (in an effort to destash) was my own personal crochet Pan/Satyr.


© Vicky Newton

This handsome devil is a hybrid of two patterns; a free Pan amigurimi pattern by Jason McKiernan and a paid for faun pattern avalible from Miles of Crochet on Etsy. I used DK weight acrylic throughout, adding a fancy fur for the lower body. I took Jasons body pattern and added Miles of Crochet hair, horns and arms. The beard and chest fuzz were my own inovation. He ended up with button eyes when I realised I had no safety eyes but they work.


© Vicky Newton

He is currently presiding over my (sacred) craft space, along with Shiva and Red Fox.


© Vicky Newton

I weighted the base to keep him stable on flat surfaces as I didn’t really intend for him to be a cuddly toy, which has annoyed the kids no end. Nor did I add any ‘extra apendages’ as the kids have a tendency to rub them for good luck.  The only element I have not been happy with has been that the join between head and torso was a bit floppy, a result of under stuffing on my part. I corrected this with the help of a bamboo skewer (point removed) inserted bottom up. So this is one Pan who has a stick up his butt but at least he can hold his head up with pride.


About knotmagick

Weaving Magick and Crochet in the madhouse I call home. I am a devotee of Hekate and a follower of Pan.
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  1. Ooh Chiara says:

    That little Pan is absolutely adorable!! I love it!!

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