Magnetism and the Law of Attraction

The Pagan Experience asks

“What do you strive to attract to yourself? What actions have you taken to bring this into manifest form? How does this quality of magnetism inform your spiritual and mundane life?”

The subject of Laws within paganism and witchcraft can be a contentious one. Those ‘Laws’ which exist to act as a moral compass can cause whole levels of contention in their own right and are worthy of a post in their own right.

For today as part of the Pagan Experience were concentrating on Laws of Attraction and drawing our aims and goals through positive thoughts and actions. There are many books out on the market which add the authors individual spin on the subject but not all if them contain the common sense approach that I try apply to my own praxis. I will come back to this shortly.

In the basic sense the Law of Attraction is as I’ve stated; the belief that through thoughts and deeds we draw to us like energies and outcomes. Usually we concentrate on attracting positive things such as friendship and love, wealth and success and actively avoiding more negative aspects. Many different methods are suggested and employed in the Law of Attraction.

Meditation, visualisation and mantras are the methods most often employed as they are the simplest and easiest to access if you are not familiar with ritual processes. Taking a few minutes (between 5 and 10 at the most) to visualise a financial situation improving whilst concentrating on a short mantra  such as the one below once a day over a period of a week is quite accessible to most people.

Prosperity flows towards me every day and in every way.

For those who want something that you can carry day to day you can charge loadstones with the intent to draw your desire to you. This can be done by placing the stone in front of a white candle, or even holding it in your hand, as you perform your mantra and visualisation and then carry it with you as a daily reminder of your desire and purpose.

Still wanting more? How above creating a little shrine to perform your meditation and mantra at. Ideally this should be somewhere you would look at on a daily basis, even multiple times throughout the day so you are reminded of your purpose. Populate it with objects that speak to you of your purposesm so for example, and staying with the theme of prosperity, you might include coins, grains, fruit such as pomegranate and grapes. If you have a particular purchase or goal in mind then you should include an image that represents it, be extravagant in the image but realistic in your expectations. You want to draw the finances for a new car and a Ferrari is a nice aspiration though its possibly not realistic to expect the universe to bring you quite that much cash.

Let’s talk about the first dash of common sense in the Laws of Attraction. It’s all well and good performing the above but doing it in isolation, without acting in the real world, will only lead to disappointment. There’s no harm buying that lottery ticket however those odds are so long  its better to also look closer to home. Check your bills, are you getting the best deals or could you do without something and save the money for your goal? Could you do a skill exchange or even use a talent to try raise funds? Have you got unwanted items you could sell?

In addition to looking inwards we need to look outwards at the same time. Even if we were talking about finding friendship and romance you would need to go out and socialise and meet people. The universe cannot help us if we do not help ourselves.

Now for a second dose of common sense. It’s okay to have doubts. Niggling doubts in the back of the mind have kept our predecessors safe for millenia, encouraging us to critically assess our planned actions, our thoughts and beliefs. Like anything they are beneficial in small doses, but shouldn’t be allowed to take over our lives to the point our mental health suffers. On the other hand we shouldn’t be totally repressing our doubts and negative thoughts as they help us stay critical and aware. Allowing yourself to be overcome by negative thoughts and worries will ultimately undermine efforts of attraction however they will stop you blindly walking into that oh so tempting pyramid scheme.

I will talk more about ethics and the various ‘Laws’ that are applied to spell work at the end of the month but for now I wish you well in your efforts to attract your intent.

((As ever if I’ve touched on something that you find relevant to your mental health then please get in touch with your GP or local primary mental health care provider and talk a situation through the with them. If you have a serious concerns about your financial situation then talk to your debt charity or advice service.))


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