Where Does The Time Go?

My divergence from the Pagan Experience this week has been entirely intentional. With it being a five week month I decided to post about my creative self as I feel I’ve been ignoring that side of the blog in favour of the Pagan Experience.

Half the year gone already and its only when I look back over the year I can see everything that I have achieved so far.  ice been consistent in my blogging, I  secured myself a new job and I’ve been able to keep developing my fiber and yarn craft skills all the while.

I love my various post apocalypse life skills. I’m convinced that wild foraging and fiber/yarn crafts will one day save my life. If nothing else we’ll have lots of blankets should the heating fail this winter.

As well as receiving tuition on the use of my spinning wheel and in different techniques of drop spindling I’ve been carefully picking up hints and tips from events I’ve attended such as the Wharfdale Wool Festival in Otley and the Leeds Wool Fest held at Armley Mill.

The spinning wheel has also undergone a much needed, if sadly unsightly, repair meaning the only things that move are things that are meant to. The repair has served to hold everything in place and not only have I successfully created consistent singles which then became an almost consistent ply of DK weight.


Isn’t it lovely? 200g of teaswater which I’m going to try dying using the ‘kool-aid’ method. Who knows how successful that will be, or what I will make with it, only time will tell.

I then got really brave and tried some fractal spinning. I’m not as pleased with the way the colours turned out, mainly because I am not a fan of the yellow and green combination however the little girl who chose the top does and 100g turned into enough for this lovely scarf/shawl for her.


The original French pattern can be found here though I am considering writing up my own version in English as I was only able to follow the original to a point (mainly the point at which Google Translate gave up the ghost on translating a crochet pattern).


My next planned protect is a lush blue faced leister, alpaca, merino and tussah silk blend with a hint of sparkle in red. It was bought many moons ago with the intention of it being spun in Her honour and I will be doing some magical crafting with these vintage jewellery box keys.


I bought this beautiful drop spindle from IST Crafts  IST Crafts on recommendation from Freyalyn of Freyalyn Fibres. It is an absolute dream to use. I can’t recommend IST Crafts enough as a spindle supplier and Freyalyn also gets a shot out as a brilliant supplier of fibre and hand spun yarn and for being more than a little patient with me and my over enthusiastic eldest daughter of the same name.

Amongst other various projects I’ve completed an Attic24 Granny Stripe Blanket XL style. I took the length set out in the pattern and used it as my width and repeated the colour pallet a second time. It took two packs but it was so worth it. I’ve been using the left overs and my ever present stash of black DK to make a granny hexagon jacket which is still in process.

Where does time go? As a wise wolf once said of time, it goes “Behind us –or in front. It depends on which way you are looking” so rather than just looking at what is past I want to look to the future as well.

I have (yet again) just started a new job. My contract was coming to an end and the future wasn’t as clear as I would have liked so I took the plunge and started applying for work and was ultimately successful. I hope that my postings aren’t going to be adversely affected however that remains to be seen. Fingers crossed it will all be business as usual.

Something that is coming up for me in the near future is a talk I am scheduled to give at the Halifax Moot this coming July. I’ve nearly got myself sorted in anticipation, I’ve just got the finalised talk and handouts to print off. This is the first talk on subject I’ve given since I left university so I am incredibly nervous. I’m also hoping to start attending moots a little closer to home. I love meeting all my friends from out of town (and in some cases county) but it is time to start bringing it in a little.


About knotmagick

Weaving Magick and Crochet in the madhouse I call home. I am a devotee of Hekate and a follower of Pan.
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