Three Times She Cried

It’s been a busy week. in addition to the normal routine there have been extra trips to school as we get read for the youngest starting in September and trips out to Halifax.

This was the week that I gave a tall at Halifax Moot, hosted by the Friendly Dragon. I’ve been attending the moot since the turn of the year so I rolled up blithely expecting there would only be 6 or so attending to find 15 had turned out to hear me talk.

Nervous much!

As I’d not given a talk in nearly 10 years regardless of how well I had prepared it was all blown out of the water. I didn’t even have enough hand outs!

Despite that I felt it went well, and that has been reinforced by all tge kind words on the night and since. It was lovely to find out that I had inspired by what I had to say and it reinforced that I didn’t entirely just spout uninteresting waffle at the listeners.

A big thank you to everyone who attended!

In my talk I attempted to give an overview of Hekate in terms of her historical origins and worship, her image past and present and some insight into modern devotions and interpretations. As well as the dry boring stuff I shared a few personal experiences including a recent one.

Three times cried the bird, Her eerie voice calling me.
I hear, I see, I Know.

Leeds has a thriving population of Red Kites. After being persecuted to the point of extinction there are hundreds that make the city and surrounding lands their home. Seacroft is a particularly favourite place for them it seems and I have seen upwards of 10 wheeling in the skies above my house (okay I am not that special, I just have the ability to look out not only across the area but across the entire city from my house so I get a good view).

Each year the number increase and across the county the Red Kite population is flourishing.


I see Red Kites on almost a daily basis and often ignore their presence despite knowing them to be my spirit guide and in my own gnosis a messenger of Hekate. Most times an encounter is just a crossing of paths with no meaning. Other times they are a strong and powerful message.

Not too long ago I had an encounter that can only have been a message from the divine.

When I left work one day I opened the door to find a lone Kite hovering unusually low over the main road directly in front of the building. Not thinking too much about it I silently saluted the bird as I often do and carried on my way. When I was nearing home I realised that was another flying very low over my house. Usually they soar high as there are a number of high rise flats im the area but this bird was low enough to make out their mottled underwing. I approached my front door and looked up to see one had positioned itself directly over head.

The blood froze in my veins the first time it cried.

Up to then I have never heard, or identified hearing, the cry of a red kite but there is nothing else it could have been. The bird was so low I could make out the detail of its beak moving even as it skimmed the guttering on my two story semi.

I paused and waiting, and sure enough a second cry came. After the third call She wheeled away, Her message delivered.

At that point not only was I clear that I had experienced a powerful moment with my Goddess but I was clear on what She required of me.

I had been putting off a devotional project for some time, mainly because I had been waiting for the delivery of some antique keys. To be honest I had almost giving up hope on arriving in time for the approaching full moon given I’d already missed two. This encounter inspired me to get out my wheel and fibre and spin the necessary single for the project. The next day the Key’s arrived.


I’ve not rested on my laurels and now I have five key and cord prayer beads and pendulums as well as a meditation/prayer to accompany it.

When she reaches out to you to inspire or command (though often these are the same thing) she can neither be doubted or questioned. You will do as she as commanded and if that results in three or four posts on the subject then so be it!

Look out for my Tools of the Trade post on Pendulums and Hekate’s Prayer Ladder, both of which arose from this encounter. They should follow in the next few days.

Image Credits
Red Kite
Hekate’sPrayer Ladder  – © Vicky Newton


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Weaving Magick and Crochet in the madhouse I call home. I am a devotee of Hekate and a follower of Pan.
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