New Paths of Learning

This time of the start of new paths of learning as students either prepare to return to school or complete their studies. How do you determine what new paths of learning should be added to your foundations? Where do you seek further training? How do you balance the old and the new?


Come Walk With Me

Paganism is a never ending path, you are always learning, or at least should be. The tendency towards finding ‘the Book’ or ‘one Truth/Way’ is unfortunately prevalent in Paganism and another discussion entirely.

I mentioned last week about seeds, the watchword this week is threads. I find that many threads of learning and thought weave together and together form a tapestry of learning. Often threads will come from different directions and initially appear unconnected to others around me but just recently it has only needed a single spark to coalesce those threads into a single picture.

In reality what is happening is I am finding new learning with an existing path. What I learn I incorporate into my practice in some way if it is relevant or possible to, otherwise it is archived for a later date.

Although I have identified a desire within myself to explore entirely different areas of learning I recognise that the time is not now. These are areas are ones that would require far more in terms of flexibility in time, availability and potentially ability to travel than I am able to commit to as a mother of school age children.

As someone once told me, my time will come. Until then I will continue as I have, building layer upon layer until it is time to move forward.

In other news I have managed to achieve another goal for 2015 and attended a second moot which is geographically closer to me. The first evening was a trip through the ancient history and astrology and a bit of instruction on how to plot a natal chart. Next moot we will be going through the interpretation of the charts which will be interesting.

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Come Walk With Me


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Weaving Magick and Crochet in the madhouse I call home. I am a devotee of Hekate and a follower of Pan.
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