The Smiling Goddess

Sometimes when I write or talk about Hekate I feel I come across as almost conversational. One person suggested that my tone was almost irreverent and borderline disrespectful for a Devotee.

It might appear that way sometimes especially when I speak of some of my experiences of Her but make no mistake; I hold her in awe and reverence.

It’s my experiences of Her that mean I can see the lighter side of the Thea Deinos. If you have ever seen the Goddess caper with Pan, or enjoy a drink with Her Devotees you probably know what I mean.

Although what follows was originally intended as a warning against all mystery traditions I’ve always found it to be a lovely anecdote for the lighter side of Hekate.


Smiling Goddess

Maximus is one of the older and more advanced students. His strength of character led him to despise logical demonstrations in these matters, and launce impetuously on a mad course.

Not long ago he invited us to the temple of Hekate, and made us witness against him. We arrived there, and did reverence to the goddess.

“Sit down, my friends”, said Maximus, “and see what is going to happen, and how much superior I am to the rest of you”.

We sat down, and he burned a grain of incense and recited to himself some sort of hymn. So successful was his demonstration that the statue first began to smile and then seems to laugh aloud. We were disturbed by what we had seen.

“Don’t worry”, said he, “for you will soon see the torches wich the goddess holds in her hands light up.” Hardly had he finished speaking when the torches burst into flame.

At the moment we were in admiration of that theatrical miracle-worker. But do not you marvel at any of these things – I do not – but be sure that the most important thing is to purify your soul by reason.
The Emperor Julian By Robert Browning pg 56

Image Credit
Smiling Goddess – this is actually statue of Flora, the Roman personification of Spring, however this was the closest I could get to the image I wanted to invoke.


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Weaving Magick and Crochet in the madhouse I call home. I am a devotee of Hekate and a follower of Pan.
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One Response to The Smiling Goddess

  1. Having worked with the goddess, lead Goddess circles, then moon circles and then the third decade incorporating it all into dreaming circles for maidens, mothers and wise women, i have found not only myself but many different women have developed a relationship to the goddess according to experiences and decade of their life, which is always changing. In adult stage we cannot remain a maiden (life won’t let us), and as our devotion to the goddess matures as we do, both light or dark goddesses many changes in awareness occurs. Women are blessed to be able to at this time, reclaim a goddess that does not belong to men, who for the last 2500 years have spoken for the goddess, have spoken for us as women and have been both molder and myth maker of what he wished the goddess (woman) to be under his own palm of power. This is no longer truth now, and as women define themselves they find the goddess within and may explore every aspect of her (self). Once she works with bringing that to fullness (generally in her 40s), she begins her journey with the goddess herself (mother earth) and her own lower and higher natures (astral body if a fated lucky one). Every woman is different, and every path ends up being your own to discover the self, sometimes with and many times without a Pan or (Dionysus which is only a coyote who steals your fire (drugs pot or alcohol)… those were only diversions into the shadows of personal illusion in the time these cults descended upon the shadow sides of paganism. Enjoy your journey, explore all parts, even the shadows, for you will only end up in the end… finding yourself.

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