The Rosicrucian Digests

In the process of last week’s musings I had the brilliant idea (or divine direction depending on your point of view) to share some of the sources of information I have been using in the last few months. In particularly I wanted to highlight the body of knowledge, held by one of the Rosicrucian orders, which have been invaluable to me.

For those who may not have heard of the Rosicrucians they are a society which first appears in the 17th Century with the publication of a series of pamphlets however they claim their origins extend back as far as Ancient Egypt. The Order is particular focused on natural sciences and the esoteric past as a method of explaining the meaning of life, death and everything.


Robert Fludd’s Summum Bonum; inscription reads “The Rose feeds the Bees”

The origins of the Order are complex and not really for me to comment on so I am going to direct you to Wikipedia and suggest that you review the websites of the various orders in your own time.

This post, and for reasons to do with Hekate, is going to concentrate on AMORC (Ancient Mystical Order Rosae Crucis) which has a presence both in the US and the UK.

From their website…

It is not the thoughts of a single teacher or group but the development of some of the greatest mystical minds through the ages. It is not a religion or dogma or even a single philosophy.
It is knowledge. Not knowledge in the sense of acquiring information (although you will), but knowledge in the sense of knowing….
… This profound wisdom, carefully preserved by mystery schools for centuries, is transmitted today through the Rosicrucian Order to every sincere person with an open mind and a positive motive.

AMORC is Unique

I have found the digests produced by the American branch of AMORC of particular interest and value to me as a Pagan in general however there are three which I’ve come to view as essential references when researching Hekate in the wider context of the ancient traditions and philosophies she appears in. These are;

Eleusis / The Eleuisian Mysteries 
The Orphic Mysteries 

The digests on the Orphic and Eleusinian Mysteries and Neoplatonics make little direct mention of Hekate but provide accessible explinations of the overall traditions in which she is known to appear. For myself, looking for Her context, the digests were helpful in drawing together what I had read elsewhere and in developing aspects of personal practice.

Whilst various individual articles from each of the linked digests  are available floating around the internet they do not reflect the full content. I suggest checking out the digest in full to close the gaps.

You can also view a full list of the available digests by following this link as there are others which may be relevant to your individual practice.


Rosicrucian seal of Martin Luther

The UK branch of AMORC  have their own collections of publications and free to download magazines. They are not organised in the same way as their American cousins however I’ve already spotted that their Rosicrucians Beacon Magazine 2015-03 contains an article by George Sutherland on the Greek Mysteries.

In case anyone is wondering; no I am not a Rosicrucian and yes, this is an amended version of a posting I made to the Hekate’s Crossroads Facebook group in the last week or so.

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