Sigilization: the Jackson method of reduction sigils.

For those who don’t know, this blogger is a friend of mine. I am always in awe of her sigil work. I make sigils, she makes works of art.

Cymraes's Corner

983838_527448867318992_856089763_n ©Cymraes2015

Sigilization was one of the techniques of Austin Osman Spare, who is generally credited with the popularization of the method.

I was inspired to using this technique several years ago, while reading Libre Noctis. I recognised the basics as I’d used something similar while in school, to divine the outcome of future relationships of friends who, of course, being school girls, had crushes on certain boys! So I decided to give it a whirl, and was not disappointed with the results! 🙂

Hopefully, you will also find the technique useful, dear Reader, and be inspired to use Sigilization with some success, as I did.

For me, this is my own preferred technique, which has been coined by my friend Daniel Bran Griffiths aka The Chattering Magpie, as the Jackson Method!

But first a few basic reminders for those who are new to this…

  • Work with the…

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