The Pagan Origins of Maleficent

At the sign of the White Hart

I have always been drawn to Maleficent. The 1959 Disney film presented her as villainous, but I never bought it.  She was dark and powerful and vengeful yes, but not evil.  After all, she was Fey.  The Fey are not all sunshine and butterflies; they are nature spirits – wild and magical – and not to be trifled with. They are older and mightier than humans and thus deserving of our respect.  Should we fail to show them proper honour, as King Stefan and Queen Leah did by failing to invite Maleficent to Aurora’s birth party, we should rightly expect their wrath.

Still image of Maleficent at Stefan's court from the 1959 film Sleeping Beauty. Maleficent Classic – still from the 1959 film Sleeping Beauty.

So I was quite pleased by the new film and the depiction of Maleficent not so much as the “Mistress of Evil” but rather as a terribly wronged Fairie Queen.  If anything, I felt that she was much…

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Weaving Magick and Crochet in the madhouse I call home. I am a devotee of Hekate and a follower of Pan.
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