Book Review – Hekate: A Devotional


As a Devotee of the Goddess of Witchcraft I am always keeping an eye out for new devotional works to add to my collection and I have been following the development of Vivienne Moss book Hekate: A Devotional since it was first announced back in 2014 with much interest. From reading the first post from the publishers containing the introduction it promised to be a deep insight into one devotees personal relationship with the Goddess and having read the book for this review I can confirm that it met, and exceeded, all my expectations.

Vivienne introduces herself as a Cottage Witch, explaining that this is a form of solitary Hedgecraft. Like me she is a member of the Chthonic Club (a phrase which I am shamelessly stealing from Gordon White) and she particularly focus on Hekate as a Goddess of Witchcraft and the Underworld. The book is part devotional, part grimoire and blends poetry and prose with powerful personal experience and insight to guide the reader through one solitary Witches experience.

As a taster here is an example of Vivienne’s words taken from Chapter 2 – At the Crossroads We Meet.

Hekate, my Queen, through the Briar Patch I step, ready to walk with You in the Shadow Realms. The glow of Your torches light the way, guiding me as I fight through the tangled briars of my mind. Hekate, Light Bringer, as I clear the webs of deceit from my path I arm myself with the Power of Wisdom. The inky shadows of deception creep into the distant corners of Life, tempting me to stray from Destiny’s Path. Hekate Skotia, Lady of the Gloom, it is You who pulls me from the deep, showing the way to salvation and freedom. Hekate, my Queen, with You by my side I walk the Shadow Realms with integrity and respect, coming through a stronger woman…

The majority of the book is given over to Vivienne explaining her views and experiences of various chthonic aspects. When reading chapters one though six, as with any good grimoire, it is what is not said but rather implied that is most illuminating.

In contrast the latter two chapters provide clear, if brief, information on the Goddess both in trms of Her history and correspondences. There is also information and instructions on various aspects of practical application developed by the author such as particular preperations and tinctures.

For me it has been Chapter Three which particularly spoke to me.

Bones and Ancestors work are two areas that I have been drawn towards time and time again. They are areas I particularly struggle with for various reasons either through lack of practical application or general knowledge. Reading Vivienne’s experiences has added a layer of understanding to these more necromatic practices. Even though I still have a way to travel with these practices but her words give me courage to step into a current when I lack some of even most basic knowledge.

Hekate, Nykteria, She who rules the Night, under Your guidance and protectionI ride the Death Currents of the  Shadow-Lands…

Kalliste Hekate, Pale Mother, as I embrace the Current of Death I feel the enchantment of Life Eternal. Hekate, my Queen, I am Yours.

You can order Hekate: A Devotional through Amazon UK  via this link.

You can also learn about Vivienne at her author page and the publisher page regarding the book.

Hekate: A Devotional


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