Do Witches Make Magic Charms?

What are magic charms
Charms are magical objects or spells which are particularly linked with Witchcraft and folk magic. They differ from talismans and amulets in that charms are preexisting objects which have bwen empowered through a magical process to perform a specific function associated with the objects appearance and/or location.

I’ll start be defining these magical tools.

Amulet – these items are intended to bring good luck and/or protection to the bearer. An amulet is any object which holds magical properties so can be anything from a crystal, pendent or peice of string. This object is often worn or carried close to the skin to ensure it’s effectiveness.

Talisman – these objects are of greater magnitude and offer an active support to the bearer, in some cases allowing them to project energy and powered when the need arises. In comparison to amulets, which are preexisting objects, talismans are often hand crafted and personalised to the user. Talismans are not usually worn but carried or placed in strategic locations based on their purposes and are used to empower spellwork.


Charm – like amulets charms are made from preexisting objects however the form of the object is always directly related to the function of the charm. This may be, for example, a four leaf clover for luck, a coin for money, a heart for love. There is often a cultural connection to the objects avalible for making chams from such as the Hand of Fatima or the lucky rabbits foot. Charms can be worn or carried and always related to something important within the bearers life.

Empowering a Charm – The Opener of Ways
I am facing a lot of road blocks at the moment and although I have confirmed through diverse means that this is a temporary situation I would like to give the situation a little magical boost. It made sense to combine the focus of this charm with my devotions to Hekate, for who better than the Opener of Ways to guide me through this difficult time. So I have made myself a charm which I will keep on my person day to day which can act as a touch-piece when times get rough. As I am a bit of a horder I had at my disposal various pendants, tokens and beads left over previous projects to envision and quickly whip up a charm come pendulum so lets chat about how I charged it with intent.


Because I wish to use this charm in conjunction with Hekate it was important that I invoke her in this magical working. This step is not necessary if you do not wish to involve deity in your operation. Remember deity worship and Witchcraft are not mutually exclusive.

I speak to you Mistress of Keys, Guide and Guardian of my psyche and soul. Hear my voice and invocation, lend me your aid and wisdom.
Dread Mistress of the Moonlit Night, Keeper of My Path, be present in this rite and in my life.

Energy Raising
There are any number of ways to raise energy for magical use. We have previously discussed the Cone of Power but my personal preference is to use chant and song so I used the Hekate Hekate Dark Mother chant with variation to include Her light bringing and what I refer to as her ‘blooded’ aspects such as the epithet Kourotrophos.

Hekate Hekate Hekate Dark Mother You Walk With Me Like No Other Dark Mother
Hekate Hekate Hekate Blood Mother You Walk With Me Like No Other Blood Mother
Hekate Hekate Hekate Bright Mother You Walk With Me Like No Other Bright Mother.

Because I am raising energy to be directed towards a specific purpose I usually visualise it in some way. One of the easiest methods is to hold your hands about 6 inches apart at the same level as your stomach (sacrel chakra) and visualise the energy coalescing as a ball of pure energy either brilliant white in colout or some other colour which has relevance to your purpose. Continue to visualise this ball of energy until it fills the space between your hands. When ready to transfer the energy from my hands into the charm I find it easiest to “push” the energy towards and into the object, visualising the energy being absorbed into the charm and finally glowing with the same colour energy.

Maintaining and Using Charms
Charms require regular maintenance and upkeep to ensure that they remain effective. As a starting point once a moon is a good interval for recharging any charm however you may become aware of a different interval as you work with your own charms. This should be done by repeating the initial charging process either in part or in full ie. if you used a particular invocation or visualisation you should repeat the same processes.

As discussed at the beginning a charm is both a physical object and spoken spell so it is my intention to use it in both senses in this case. As well as the present reminder of Hekate and Her guidance my charm will become a touch-piece for connecting with Her energy and wisdom in times of need and distress.

Do Witches Make Magic Charms?
Charms, amulets and talismans are a tried and tested tool of the Witch both past and present. These types of items have appeared not only throughout history but all over the world. The names and creative processes may vary but the overall purpose of carrying energy/power to empower the carrier remains the same.

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Opener of Ways Charm © Vicky Newton

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