Do Witches Have Familiars?

Does this seem familiar?  That’s probably because I have already posted on Familiars in Witchcraft which you can view here. Since that posting I have come across a very interesting method for creating a familiar through the process of necromancy.

All rights and credit to Hellfurian Liontari and Docteur Cæli D’Anto for the working that follows. You can view the original posting on their business page on Facebook.


A Witch and Her Familiars

The Vodou Store: How to work a poppet to act as a familiar
Select a poppet color that fulfills your most used purpose, whether traditional or imp, (white for beneficia, black for maleficia, or red for amorous magic, green for fortune and money, yet all can be all purpose).

Now that you have your poppet, you will invite a spirit to inhabit it. There are several ways you can do this. WARNING: These rites contain instructions that may carry penalties if there are laws prohibiting certain elements in your area so use discretion. Witchcraft and rootwork are risky undertakings so the witch is responsible for their own actions!

(A) preferred method is to go to a cemetery with the doll during a new moon and call out to the dead making it aware you are seeking a familiar spirit. As you walk around feel for a grave that calls to you. Once you get a strong feeling, go to the grave and ask the dead directly and by name:

“(Name of the deceased), I am seeking a familiar to aide me in my witchcraft, do you accept?”

Repeat 3 times and wait for a rush of feeling, either good or bad.

If the sign is good, pour a libation of red wine, spring water, milk sweetened with honey, or rum in the sign of an “X” where the head would be. Listen and feel for signs that the libation was accepted. Now dig a hole big enough to bury the poppet and pour more libations after buried, sprinkling with barley. Leave the doll buried for the next 3 nights. On the third night, dig up the doll and return to your altar which should be arranged where the night air can touch the poppet, so by an open window or outdoors. On the altar place the poppet on a clean white cloth surrounded by three candles forming a triangle. Attach to the poppet a pouch for payments, a small amulet made out of the graveyard dirt collected from the grave containing a parchment that has the name of the deceased, which should be sewn onto the heart, as well as any other charms or adornments that will personalize and secure the spirit. Now evoke any gods or deities that aide in witchcraft and necromancy to witness your rite and embark on the summoning of the spirit:

“I conjure you, O Spirit, (name of deceased) to appear within a minute by the power of Great Adonai, by Ariel, Johavam, Hekate, Agla, Tagla, Mathon, Oarios, Almouzin, Arios, Membrot, Varvis, Pythona, Magots, Ereshkigal, Salamandrae, Uriel, Izrail, Coelis, Typhon, Janua, Etitaumus, be here now, rise up from your grave and live again in this vessel and serve me as I have summoned you to do!”

Look to the poppet and say:

“Listen, my words have power! By the Watchers who see all, by the (gods, spirits, etc) that aide me, your name is (name of the deceased), you are now (name of the deceased)!”

You should feel a rush while doing this, perhaps see the shade, and feel the wind pick up. Listen for rumbling, howling dogs, or whispers. Once you are satisfied that the spirit has come and is attached to the doll keep it out of the sun at all times. Take the poppet out whenever you need a boost while working, or if you need to send a specter to carry out a purpose. treat the doll as if it were that person and pay it with coins, barley, and the occasional libation dabbed onto the doll directly.

If you are ever without need for the familiar, you can send it back to the grave by destroying the heart and burying it at the original grave site.

This is just one way to invite a familiar into a doll. If you already have a spirit or want to invite a spirit that is already around you, simply start at the step with the conjuration, omitting the name, and adding a mirror to the heart inscribed with a seal or sigil, and the name you wish to call your familiar. Instead of burying it in a graveyard, you can bury it in a forest, or better, on your own property. When you look to the poppet during the naming, speak its new name.

Working with a familiar is about trust and follow through so do not make deals with it or have it work without payment. As time goes on, this poppet will become a valuable tool and friend in your craft!

In the meantime this is a good time to share with everyone a piece of work I have been doing around the spirits of the land around Yorkshire entitled Courting Verbeia.

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A Witch and Her Familiars

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