Stitching For Hekate

This week there is a break in our regular transmission because I have already covered the topics on Knives in Witchcraft before and at this time I don’t really have anything to add. So I thought I would blog a little about the other focus of this blog, crafting of the haberdashering kind.

I used to do a lot of counted cross stitch, way back before I had babies. I found it really rewarding and loved seeing the pictures build up and up as I worked through the pattern. But tiny sharp needles and small children do not mix and I shoved all my equipment into deep storage in the final days of my first pregnancy. The recent ‘heatwave’ in the UK recently encouraged me to not start a new crochet blanket after finishing some smaller projects and I decided to pick up my needle and thread.

Buying a magazine and kit reminded me of two things. Firstly that I hate evenweave. Counting both stitches and holes is a PITA. Secondly that I am too hard on myself when I make mistakes. I lost a lot of sleep insisting that anything I unpick must me restitched, which is not a compulsion I have with crochet.

I was all set to put it all away in disgust when this beautiful picture from Eliza Gauger appeared in my timeline.

Hecate - Problem Glyphs

Hecate – Problem Glyphs

Eliza makes absolutely stunning glyphs and using a very interesting mirroring method in some art software with a mirroring function and kindly has written a ‘ how to’ guide. I’d like to try it but the process requires an artist ability that I lack so it is fortunate that Eliza allows quite open use of her designs. Although each design is unique to a problem she allows readers of her Tumbler to use the images for their own purposes, with credit. Predominantly I think her users turn her designs into tattoos, which look awesome, but Hecate screamed cross stitch which then set me looking for a free program or website which would allow me to convert an image into a cross stitch pattern.

One upon a time you could purchase computer software which could do this kind of thing, now a days there are websites that will do the same thing. My Photo Stitch is one such website. I don’t know what it’s like for converting colour photos but for converting black and white images like Eliza’s problem glyphs into a greyscale pattern it is fantastic. The site uses DMC threads, a popular brand which you can find just above anywhere, and I set the parameters to a five shade greyscale rather than anything more detailed and it worked pretty well.

Hecate Cross Stitch

Hecate Cross Stitch

Download Hecate Cross Stitch Pattern

Pattern Size – 10.7″ x 8.5″ on  14 count aida

Thread – DMC

  • 310
  • 318
  • 535
  • 762

As you can see once I got to the end of the Hecate pattern I added a Strophalos to the pattern to round it out. The measurements above don’t take that addition into account at this time.

Touch Me and Be Damned

Touch Me and Be Damned

Now Hecate is finished I am moving on to a glyph called “Touch Me and Be Damned”.

The great thing about Eliza’s glyphs is that even though she makes them in response to specific requests and situation it is possible to use them for other purposes according to how they speak to us. This screams apotropaic witchcraft to me and I read it more as “Touch US and Be Damned”. You can never over do apotropaic work when you have kids.

I have a couple of other patterns planned, including a larger and more complex Strophalos. They will make a nice and dark addition to my Witchy Living Room.

Edit 5/8/16

I have uploaded .pdf copies of the patterns referred to in this blog into the text of this blog. The patterns are free to use and should not be sold on for profit although you are of course welcome to sell of finished products. Please be sure to credit Eliza Gauger for the artwork and to refer to the website used to create the pattern so they get some through traffic as well.


Hecate – Problem Glyphs
Touch Me and Be Damned


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Weaving Magick and Crochet in the madhouse I call home. I am a devotee of Hekate and a follower of Pan.
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3 Responses to Stitching For Hekate

  1. Looks great! well done 🙂

  2. Linda Gibson says:

    This is beautiful… I must get back into doing cross stitch, it will help with the osteoarthritis in my hands. There are some gorgeous designs out there. 🙂

  3. Mikki says:

    This is beautiful! I crochet and barely do cross stitch (lasik on my eyes won’t let me focus correctly when it comes to the small squares). But you’re post makes me want to do this piece. Thank you for sharing the pattern.

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