Heketan Binding Spell


In the last few weeks, I have found myself drawn to spell writing.Not necessarily because I have needed the spell in question but because I have seen so posts asking for spells or really bad memes containing really bad spells. I’ve seen them and spells of my own have popped into my head and demanded they get written down.Sometimes they have been modernizations of older spells that I learned about years ago but mostly they have been totally new to me at least.

So, rather than letting them languish on my hard drive I am going to post them. They are untested so if you like them and/or use them I would love to get some feedback.

A Heketean Binding Spell

You will need –

  • A Red Candle/ Tealight
  • Something of the intended target which is flammable- ideally this should be a sympathetic element such as hair but a picture, example of handwriting or full name including date of birth will also do.
  • A piece of paper – 2″-3″ square. You can forgo this item if you are using a paper-based item to represent the focus.
  • A heat proof dish


The ideal location for this spell would somewhere the spell remains can be disposed of via the elements Earth, Air and Water. Such a location may not always be practical in which case identify which of the three disposal methods best suit your situation. For example, if you are working in the home choose disposal by water and flush the remains down the toilet. The toilet is technically living (moving) water and it will carry the remains away from your house quickly and effectively which is the main thing.

Moon Phase

Bindings are best performed during the waning and dark phases of the moon. Given that the Dark Moon is associated with Hekate this would be an ideal time.


Saturday during the hour of Mars. Saturday corresponds to Saturn, a god and planet associated with delays and slowness. It is also a day when cleansing, protection and banishing rituals are best performed. The hour of Mars is a time at which magical actions can be boosted, particularly if they are confrontational in nature. The combination of this day and hour would be the most effective for this binding spell.

What to Do

Invoke Hekate in your usual way and light your candle

Take the item associated with the intended target and either fold it three times away from you or fold it within the paper and fold that three times away from you.  As you fold say…

Hekate Hekate Hekate; thrice named goddess I bind (name) in fire and light.

Set the paper to the flame and allow it to catch fire.

By the light of your fires all of (names) actions are brought into the light, a torment of truth is theirs.

Allow the paper to burn down, using the dish to catch the ash.

Consumed by your flames (name) is cleansed from my life, all bonds and severed and purified.

Dispose of the ashes in one or all of the following ways.

For scattering to the winds say;

Cast to the winds; (name) is scattered and without power, no harm may they cause now or in the future.

For disposal in water say;

Cast upon the waters; (name) is carried from my life, no harm may they cause me now or in the future.

For disposal by burial say;

In the deep darkness of the Earth; (name) lays buried and forgotten, no harm may they cause me now or in the future. 

After all the ashes are disposed of end your spell by saying

Until all deeds reversed and lessons learned this binding remains; in the light and name of Hekate.

Extinguish your candle and gather it and your ritual items. Leave the location without looking back.

At this point you could choose to call the ritual complete. If so cease to dwell on the bound individual any further and avoid future dealings with them if at all possible. If not remain distant and aloof from their behaviour and actions and allow the Goddess to do Her work.

In the interests of good energetic health, it would be advisable to return home and perform a cleansing ritual. I suggest either taking a shower and dousing yourself from head toe in saltwater or complete a Cutting the Cord visualisation. Once complete your chosen method avoid the individual in question or have as little to do with them as possible.

The visualisation which I have included here is a standard, top Google example of the Cord Cutting visualisation and itsn’t something I would use myself. I have my own Heketean version which I will add to the blog at some point later this year.

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