Pagan Parenting – 8 years and above

As the ED is just entering into this age range so here I intend to stop the journey and start with some forward thinking. Both in behaviour and attitude she is trying pushing hard to be considered a preteen so this is having an impact on what we do and when.

ED has reached a stage where she is very familiar with the possibilities of the Craft but she is also aware of the importance of practical action being employed alongside magical. Magic and spells are never the first solutions to be considered when she has a problem or something she wants to achieve and I always get her to share with me her practical solutions before I ask her to tell me what kind of spell and components she things may be relevant to the situation being discussed. We rarely perform a spell but getting her to think in these terms is a step towards it.

I’ve also spent a lot of time and energy on stressing the importance of responsibility and honesty around one’s actions. Whether is is in relation to hurting someone or taking somethig without permission we have tried to instill in both girls that not taking responsibility for ones actions is sometimes the biggest crime of all.

Reading Materials

I am a hoarder, especially when it comes to books. I’ve been hoarding books for the Girls for years, decades in some cases. Anything that is light on text, strong on images which give information on the basic principles of Witchcraft was put to one side for future reference. We’re not talking high quality, and in some cases the book has been kept deliberately to try and lure them into some of the same fallacies that I fell into, with the intention being that I will be able to dig them out a bit faster than I managed myself.

  • Spellweaving – A Book of Spells and Practical Magic Sally Morningstar
  • Moon Wisdom – Lunar Magic and Natural Mysteries Sally Morningstar
  • Making Spells and Charms – A Practical Guide to Simple Spellweaving Sally Morningstar
  • White Witching- The Good Magic-Maker’s Guide to Spellweaving Mariano Kalfors
  • The Illustrated Guide to Witchcraft – the Secrets of Wicca and Paganism Revealed Tony and Aileen Grist

These books were kept because they were image heavy, text light but the text was actually imparting something of worth. Many were published in the late 90’s early 00’s and in some ways, they are better than newer books on the market. Despite some of the titles containing my classic triggers, they are actually rather fun books which so far ED has enjoyed leafing through. The next selection of books are a little more weighty in content and although she has them they aren’t things that she is actively reading.

  • Practical Magic – A Book of Transformations, Spells & Mind Magic Marion Green
  • The Ultimate Encyclopaedia of Spells Michael Johnstone
  • Spells for a Teenage Witch Marina Baker

The Dark Side

The first time ED came to me asking if she should curse someone I wasn’t overly surprised. She was aware that I had performed curses and some of the circumstances surrounding them, mainly because my shopping habits change when I’m cursing, but she was also aware of what it took to get me to that point. I rolled out the first question I alway ask myself when deciding to curse – was she willing to be responsible for whatever came as a result of her magical work?

To give her some well-deserved props though she really thought about it, with her final decision was that a couple of unkind words wasn’t really worth it and it needed to be much more serious. She also got bonus points for having a pretty good curse in mind as well. She wanted to name a penny for the bully, preferably a tarnished one which was “as dirty as their words” and put it in her shoe so she could walk about on it all day.

She may be a little young to be thinking about curses but fortunately, she is old enough to be able to rationalise when to curse and when not to. Plus, her idea is a great play on the sympathetic practice of the Egyptian Pharaohs of painting their enemies on the underside of their saddles so they could literally and symbolically tread on their enemies so she’s also clearly got some sense about the practical applications of magic as well.

Where Now?

My Girls are still very young, far younger than I was when I first started to practice with any degree of seriousness. Although every question and request is an informal teaching opportunity it still feels too early to start anything formal or structured. We will still be attending open events when we can (which is rare) and there will always be the background fuzz of ‘my mummy is a witch’ so formal can wait until they are old enough, or indeed ready, to make that start.

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