Spells for Work

I’ve increasingly noticed that people have a laser-like focus when looking for spells. They need more money, they look for a prosperity spell, they want to find love, they look for a love spell. Whilst it makes sense that if you have a particular need you perform a particular spell there are limitations to being too literal.

I work in a job which supports people on a holistic level, taking into account how health and mental wellbeing interact with any number of social and material factors. The same is true of almost every situation where magic may be employed as a solution. You may need money but you need to consider what you have to work with in order to manifest it in your life. For example, if need a quick cash injection and you have a job which operates a bonus system you are better off working to secure that. If you need a more permanent increase in income then casting for a new job will probably be a better.


Spell 1 – Jar for a Raise or Bonus

This spell is longitudinal, meaning that it is a rolling spell performed month to month which then can be additionally activated when your boss starts considering who is going to get a bonus or how much of a raise everyone will be getting. Obviously, if your bonus is linked to targets there is a need to actually do the work but this spell should tip you as a candidate most deserving.

  • Small jar
  • A small screw
  • Petition paper
  • Selection of dried herbs (cloves, basil, mint and bay leaves are perfect) and rice for luck and career
  • Coins (silver and above)
  • Green Candle

Constructing Jar

On the last day of the Waxing Moon gather your materials. On a piece of paper write down your target statement fold it three times towards you and place it at the bottom of the jar with a couple of coins sat on top to act as a weight.  Carefully push the screw through the lip so the point is on the outside of the jar. Screw the candle down onto it to create a secure mount for the candle.

Activating and Using Jar

What you will say during the activation and use of the jar will largely be dependent on the nature of your target statement, in fact, it should be directly related to your target statement. Beyond that, you can ritualise the jar in any way you want. If you want to invoke deities you can do so, if you want to use sigils on the candle and jar you can. Whatever you decide to do use the methods you are familiar with.

The basic spell process is to empower the herbs and rice according to your purpose and add them to your jar. As this is a longitudinal spell you only initially want a thin layer, enough to cover the paper and coins.

Seal up the jar and seal it up. Light the candle and reaffirm your target statement whilst visualising life with that statement realised. You are energising the jar with this intent and outcome. Another way to display this would be to develop a chant appropriate to your purpose.

Repeat this process every full moon and at times related to your target statement occurs (like bonus time) by adding more rice and herbs each time.

Ending or Refreshing Jar

Keep repeating the process from now until the point your desire is realised. Once your outcome is manifest you will need to dispose of the remains respectfully. If you go with a very long-sighted statement which may not have a clearly defined ending; such as “I will have enough money to live a pleasant and comfortable life” you may not feel there is a clear defined outcome to mark. In this case, allow the jar to fill up after which you will dispose of it and start a new one.


Spell 2 – Spell for a New Job or Career

Most of the Career and job spells I am familiar with relies on you anointing your job application or covering letter with oils and herbs to increase the likelihood of being the successful candidate.

Putting aside the fact that I’ve always found sending off oily or smelly documents off to a perspective employer a little weird the process is not relevant to a digital age where everything is done online and by email so I’ve used a variation of the spell for both work, and the occasional communication with the tax and benefits office.

  • A covering letter or copy of the application form
  • Stamped Self Addressed Envelope
  • Candle (preferably green)
  • Power Oil(Can be substituted by Clove Oil or my lucky 9 Herb Charm blend)
  • Heatproof Dish

Every time you are sending a job application, or start a particular campaign of applications/CV drops or enquiry letters print of an extra copy of the application form and write up a self-addressed envelope. If you can’t print the form write a letter addressed to the Universe, or other appropriate powers that be, explaining why you are the best potential candidates and deserve the job/s you are applying for. If you are sending out lots of applications to a range of job types keep the letter general, being more specific if you are being narrow in the scope of the job you are looking for. No one but you will read this so you can be as real about yourself and your need for work as you can.

In either event, prominently write a target statement either at the top of the form or in place of your signature. Keep it short and to the point such as ‘new and successful career’. You might even want to create a sigil from it and use that in place of a signature/statement.

Now it’s time to empower everything. You can do this any way you prefer bit I suggest putting the paperwork under a green candle, lighting it and visualising the process of getting called for an interview, having a really successful meeting, being offered the job and going on to be successful in the role. This will work particularly if you have a career path in mind. If you are more focused on getting into employment, and less concerned about what the job is you may want to keep the visualisation general or use a different method of empowering the letter. For work relating to benefits write about what difference a decision in your favour would mean to you.

Anoint the signature with your oils/herbs whilst reaffirming your statement of intent. Fold the letter towards you and then seal it in the SAE.  

*make sure it goes in the right envelope!*

Drop the letter in the post and wait for it to do the round trip. When it arrives in the post open it and repeat the visualisation/empowerment process and burn it, disposing of the ashes on either on the wind or in running water.


The timing of all of this should fit around the process of sending things out so if there are deadlines obviously prioritise them. The most appropriate days would be Sunday (Sun – success and career) and Thursday (Mercury – important communication). If you can’t manage the day then align the timing products the work with the appropriate planetary hour.


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