Butterfly – Photo Inspiration

Nothing says spring has sprung more clearly than the first fluttering of the spring Butterflies in your garden. I am probably a little more sensitive to the appearance of these little garden visitors this year but I do think that there has been more visiting my garden than I would normally expect.

Speckled Wood Butterfly - © Vicky Newton

Speckled Wood Butterfly – © Vicky Newton

This week’s photo inspiration comes from a snap of a little Speckled Wood butterfly that found itself in my garden this April. The Speckled Wood is one of maybe three varieties I have spotted so far, including the small white and common blue varieties  but time is the over all spiritual meaning of the butterfly that has inspired my post today.

Some meanings associated with Butterfly include;

  • Change and transformation
  • Unexpected outcomes
  • Joy and celebration
  • Dance and grace
  • Resurrection
  • Rebirth and renewal
  • Transition of the Soul

Flutterby Butterfly 

Seeing a butterfly unexpectedly can be an omen of many things, not least of all that change is on the way. The metamorphosis of the butterfly is the most powerful process symbolising change and transformation. This can be applied not only to yourself and an inner transformation but to the world around you at large. Just as the butterfly surrenders itself to total transformation so too its appearance seeks to assure you that it is safe to do the same. Allowing change to flow and the outcome to reveal itself in time can be both rewarding and easier on the process.

More generally the butterfly inspires us to a sense of joy through its light, dance like movements and many feel their creativity awakened by this sense of freedom. The colour and movement combined can lift the soul to new levels of creativity and states of being.

Working With Butterfly

As a guide and familiar Butterfly is a powerful companion when experiencing or seeking transformation. Butterfly inspires us to be our most confident self as it gracefully guides us through our transformations. Butterfly is worth seeking when weathering changes in our own lives. Their association with transformation helps us give pause and assess what is going on in our lives, either to recognise that change is coming or accept it’s presence in our lives. Butterfly also inspires us to enjoy the freedom and creativity in our lives, living life lightly but to its fullest.

Butterflies are very sensitive to their environment and the state of the ecology. They are in tune with nature and inspire us to explore our own connection to the world around us both in respect of the environment. This makes Butterfly a powerful ally when working on ecological issues.

Butterflies and the Soul

One strong association people hold with regard to the butterfly is their links with the soul and reincarnation. Many view their transformation as being consistent with the evolution of the soul on its journey thorough life, death and rebirth and take inspiration from it. The Chinese in particular associate the butterfly with immortality, in particular the immortality of the soul, as do many Christians. In Greek mythology the butterfly is seen as representing Psyche (which literally translated means “soul”). Psyche is a young woman who falls hopelessly in love with Eros, the Greek god of love.

The association of the butterfly with the human soul does not end there and there are many who viewed the appearance of the butterfly as a message from the spirit world. Most often this is in the form of a love one visiting to impart a message to the living. What that message may be is open to interpretation by the individual. Most often the spontaneous appearance of a butterfly shortly after the death of a loved one is taken as a positive reminder that our loved ones remain with us, even after death.


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