Light-Bulb Moments


Sometimes we can’t see the wood for the trees. I’ve been in a funk the last six or so months for a variety of reasons but a big one has been that things haven’t quite run in my direction when it comes to rituals.

A number of furniture reshuffles around the house slowly but surely ate away at my already small ritual space. I went from having enough space to at least stand, if not cast a circle, to having to sit on the edge of my bed at shrines placed on bookshelves. I basically had enough room to get in and out of bed and that was it.

To say no one was happy with the arrangement would be putting it mildly and all my Gods were letting me know that they were not happy be it through dreams or the things going on around me. The final straw came when I lost a data stick which contained almost all of my research, including some time critical work. Despite much searching, pleading and begging it didn’t turn up so, at my wits end, I resolved to start over.

No more tired old rituals and processes, all those resolutions I had about weaving the Ancestors into my praxis I would make happen. So I got to writing and researching and the Hekatean magic happened.

My furniture issues evaporated almost overnight … well two weekends, and we didn’t actually get rid of anything,  just rationalised. Now I have more than enough room to swing the ritual sword, real or proverbial, and with a minor tweaks I might even be able to cast a fully circle, something I haven’t been able to do since having kids!

I also found the perfect ritual (link) to use as an outline to base my new rite on. Although the content been entirely reworded the outline of invocation and the type of offering used gave me enough of a push in the right direction and everything just flowed from that point.

Then ideas began to really flow.

Folding the washing one day I wondered if I could get my phone to read my kindle books to me and low and behold this is exactly what Google TalkBack can do. Now I could make my way through my backlog of Rosicrucian Digests and other eBooks I had collected over the years. I couldn’t quite get it to read PDF’S smoothly (I am working on it) and the voice is a shade irritating in the way it handles some unfamiliar words but generally speaking I am impressed. So I started with the Eleusinian Mysteries, a perennial Hekatean favourite, and it was part way through this that I found the missing element of a ritual rewriting of the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram.

This ritual was one which was on my lost USB stick and whilst I could remember it clearly from when I had used it as a regular devotion there was a section that had never really worked well and had ‘clunked’ in comparison to the rest of the ritual. Now it just all slot into place and I have a neat little ritual which functions as a daily devotion and ritual preparation. I immediately jumped on the PC and started typing and again, the words flow from my fingers and onto the screen as I wrote up the ritual, and the rational and justification for my changes. So pleased with it am I that I am considering submitting it to an anthology later this year so keep your fingers crossed for me.

A Change Past Due

My ritual was, by necessity, brief. Despite the late hour and the sun being down the Girls were wide awake so my window of opportunity small and subdued and I skipped on a meditation because I was (rightly) concerned about interruption.

Still, the ritual just flowed. Even the new elements to my devotional, which I have returned to daily practice with, flowed far better than expected. The Ancestors clearly heard me and family members log since past visited my dreams that night. It was all I could have asked, and more given the brief nature.

Things, as they say, can only get better.


I know many devotees of Hekate talk about experiencing periods where Hekate felt distant, or they felt their link to her diminish in some way. Some felt a sense of  abandonment or even rejection during these times whilst others recognise that her distance can mean other things. In my case, and in retrospect, I think she was trying to force a change in me and I was simply slow in getting the message. Every roadblock and problem I was experiencing was an attempt to force me to act on the sense of stagnation in my ritual practice. If I had acted on it sooner perhaps I wouldn’t have lost that USB stick, then again maybe maybe I would have done.

Although I lost some very important research it is nothing that I can’t repeat and, knowing how this works, the second  effort can only be better than the first.

The effect of making these changes has been invigorating in a spiritual sense and hopefully next time Hekate feels that things are getting a little stale I won’t be so slow on the uptake.




About knotmagick

Weaving Magick and Crochet in the madhouse I call home. I am a devotee of Hekate and a follower of Pan.
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  1. I can certainly resonate with much of what you experienced )0(

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