Hekate Flint Protective Charm

This is a gem bottle charm to protect against nightmares and other forms of night time visitation drawing on the protective qualities of Flint and its connect to Hekate.


For this charm you will need;

  • Small gem bottle
  • Flint flakes
  • Candle
  • A dish

To be performed as part of a full moon ritual to Hekate.

After invoking Hekate and making appropriate offerings place the candle in the dish and surround it with the flint flakes. Dedicate the flint according to your purpose in Hekate’s name for example

“Keeper of the Gates and Guardian of the Flames; Hekate, Witch Goddess of the Night, imbue this creature of flint with the spark of your chthonic torch. May it protect (name) as they journey through your realm of darkness and night.”

Fill the gem bottle/s with the flakes and seal saying this or similar

“Creature of Fire and Earth, bring unity to the body and soul of (name) even as the night brings flight.”

Use the wax from the candle to further seal the bottle, allowing it to drip from the candle. Do so over a dish or similar.

The spell is complete.

Allow the wax to set. If you feel this wax seal needs more wax you can melt more wax seperatly in a double boiler and add more outside of the ritual context.

Place bottle in a location where it can carry out its work.


Notes and Thoughts

I personally like the charm as a small gem bottle filled with the flint that I found on my beach walk earlier this year. The earthy red/brown tones really invoke the chthonic elements of the working for me. I did have a lot of flint to work with, and they were quire large – it was very satisfying to smash the lumps into flakes and creating sparks really worked in the overall theme of the spell.

If you have flint you don’t want to break up, or not a lot, don’t worry. You can choose your jar size to suit your needs and add herbs such as lavender, hops, mugwort and mint to the jar. Charge the herbs at the same time as the flint, modifying the charge appropriately.

About knotmagick

Weaving Magick and Crochet in the madhouse I call home. I am a devotee of Hekate and a follower of Pan.
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