Bye Bye 2017

As the year comes to a close there is always a whirlwind of madness to contend with. There are the obligatory nativity performances, parties to provide for, holidays to close down and prepare for…

Still December is also the month that I sit back and take stock of a year’s worth of blogging and try to find inspiration for the year ahead.

Pagan Parenting

If there’s one thing I am disappointed about this year is that I fell off the blogging wagon when it came to Pagan Parenting. It wasn’t intentional. It’s been an intense year magically speaking, all of it off blog, and between that and my operation I have been swamped. The briefs are written I just simply haven’t found time to turn them into posts.

One of the plans was to do one oversized post regarding the Wheel of the Year and seasonal celebration but it has never materialised. Now the plan is to break it up into eight smaller posts which treat each celebration separately addressing both the beginner and the pagan parent. They will be a great addition to the Defining My Craft (link) which I suspect appeals to the Internet trawling seeker.

Planning Ahead

One thing I always think I am struggling for is inspiration. Each December I plumb the depths of the Internet and Pintrest for something akin to the Pagan Blog Project that I first bought into back in the beginning of Knot Magic. Unfortunately the project no longer exists, and it appears as though the website has been compromised, but there are a number of 30 Day Challenges which are either expressly Pagan or open enough to be incorporated.

Usually I sit down with a spreadsheet, prefilled with dates, and try and work out a schedule which by the Summer Solstice has been side tracked one ways or another. This year I intend to do thigs a little differently and be more organised at the same time.

Gone are the (expensive) attempts to commit myself to some form of diary / filofax planner. They are just too big and bulky in my bag which by necessity is small and light. This year I have plumped for an A5 planner from PippaCrafts which only contains monthly calendars for quick and simple planning. And I am being uber organised by making sure that all my Witchy and Crafty dates, along with birthdays and weddings, are in there in advance.

When it comes to the blog I have noted the days I intend to post but the schedule is far less fixed than previous years. I have tied up Sabats with their closest Saturday and have added reminders everywhere so there will have no excuse to miss the dates. I have also added quick guide lists to the front and back of the planner with check boxes to ensure I a) don’t forget an inspiration and b) don’t accidentally duplicate something.

The lists are very mich inspired by Bullet Journaling. Also called BoJo, this system of note making and information gathering is very clear and concise, which is why it appeals to me. It seems to inspire a lot of people, and there is a lot of information on the world wide web providing bullet journalling inspiration for Book of Shadows and personal Grimoires. They are very pretty, and whilst I would live to commit to doing some highlights like it on paper and sharing it here I am hesitant to sully pristine white paper with my paltry art skills. That being said you can purchase and make your own inserts to print so I may start a tarot journal at some point in the next year *if* we get a new printer.

We will see how far I get with this. I am hoping that between the halfway house in my planner and a mood tracker / diary on my phone. If I manage too keep it going for the year you may start seeing some tarot posts in 2019.

Whats Coming in 2018

Whilst I will intersperse the blog with hot topics, things relevant or inspired by Hekate, event reviews and my general musings I have decided to try and take the blog down a lifestyle route. Everything will still be either Pagan or yarn craft related but some of the general lifestyle blog ideas will twist quite nicely to my purposes. That means there will be the occasional book review and maybe even product reviews amongst sneaky peaks into my weirdness and practice which may not have come through in previous posts.

There will also be more crochet this year. I know I say that every year but I promise this time. I am going to be taking part in the Attic24 Woodland CAL from January and if nothing else there will be a ta-da post showing off my finished blanket. I will also try and make sure people don’t snaffle finished projects before I can snap a photo or two, which is what has let me down in the past.

2017 was the year to Be Weird, or Wyrd if you prefer. Although I haven’t blogged about it so much I can confirm that this was indeed achieved but I know I can do better. I might not be able to get out to too many events in the next year but there is lots of scope to exercise my witchy ways so the theme for 2018 is “get organised, get journaling and be even wyrd-er!”

About knotmagick

Weaving Magick and Crochet in the madhouse I call home. I am a devotee of Hekate and a follower of Pan.
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2 Responses to Bye Bye 2017

  1. I’m glad that you’re not abandoning your goals altogether, but are instead refining them for the upcoming year.

    I had wondered what happened to the Pagan Blog project. Here’s hoping someone picks that up and decides to run with it.

    • knotmagick says:

      I think it was a case of a lot of hard work for diminishing returns. I hold my hand up as someone who was pretty poor at posting my link to the roll every week. Here’s hoping that it either revives or something rises up to take its place

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