And so the end… Woodland Blanket

And so we’ve reached the end. The final Woodland CAL post went live on Friday and I’ve put the finishing touches to my blanket.

© Vicky Newton

I’m not massively pleased with the finished result. In hindsight I should have gone with my first instinct of find an alternative edging type but I had wanted to stay true to the CAL and it is a bugger to frog so I am pretty much stuck with it. The slipstream edge is pretty but it is not an ideal finish for someone who works with a tight tension and even after going up two full hook sizes I have still found my edges curing. I am not the only one to have this problem and I may be able to salvage things by blocking the blanket either in the wash or or using the steam blocking method.

© Vicky Newton

This may have to wait until the Beast from the East has worked it’s way out of the system. Leeds has hardly felt it’s full roar but temperatures have been low and I am not about to stand around in the back garden blocking a blanket by hand in this weather. I’ve had enough of a cold in the last week thank you very much.

So What’s Next?

One thing has come out of the Woodland Blanket – I have little wool but lots of UFO’S. I found myself often twiddling my thumbs for at least four nights a week so I resolved to bust my stash. I have made a massive impact but in some cases I didn’t have enough wool for the projects I had in mind so there will be wool purchases, but fortunately it is mostly the cheep stuff.

© Vicky Newton

From the bottom up –

Attic24 Neath Ripple – I actually started just before the CAL to trial my tension and ripple patterns and quickly ran out of wool but I am half way to a lapghan so I don’t need a great deal more and next time I am ordering a Lucy colour pack I will get some more.
Mermaid Blanket – this has been made using some olive green J C Brett aran wool that I picked up in Leeds Market. It is on hold until it either shows up again in the wool shop or until I want to part with some money online.
Modern Mitered Granny Blanket – not made according to instructions because I mistranslated the wool weights so instead of three panels in chunky it will be five in aran weight. This should be finished very soon, though I doubt it will be edged in the self striping yarn.. probably a plain white.
Melting Popsicle Afghan – I picked up a stash of Aldi’s So Crafty Self Striping yarn, which is one of the more reasonably priced alternative to Caron Cakes. I love Caron Cakes for their colours but they are about £8 a pop and the Aldi alternatives are about half the price and this is a colour combo I really like. Again – this should be finished with what I have in stash with some left over for maybe a waterbottle huggy to help fight off the Beasts arctic chill.

I’ve also hoofed out a whole collection of kit yarns and left overs which I need to formulate a plan for. There isn’t enough to contemplate blankets but there is a nice rainbow pallet and a collection of purple shades and I am sure Ravelry and Pinterest will provide inspiration.
For now I think I will spend my time and money on completing these UFO’s. When it gets closer to my summer holiday I can start another big blanket project, perhaps using one of the websites I discovered whilst participating the this recent CAL. I am thinking a Queen sized blanket in either the Original or Coastal pallet using the woodland pattern and the Stripe generator will allow me to create a unique addition to my blanket stash.

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Weaving Magick and Crochet in the madhouse I call home. I am a devotee of Hekate and a follower of Pan.

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