Musings – Why I Blog

Everyone questions their motivation from time to time. Why do we participate in certain activities and platforms, or in my case why do I blog. So I sat back and thought about it for a bit and there are regular quite a few good reasons for me to be still blogging so many years down the line.

Personal Development as a Pagan

I spent a lot of my formative Pagan years as a solitary individual and other wasn’t until finding Facebook in 2008 that I became involved with paganism socially. 

Writing was always one way for me to work through my ideas and because of the slow pace I tend to work at it was also a good way for me to learn more about the things I was studying.

The same is still true now, the difference is that I am an no longer hoarding my musings on a USB but I am sharing them with a wider audience and getting feedback via the blog and social media. I am always happy to accept criticism (constructive at least) and I am open to new ideas, in fact the hope is that this blog becomes a vehicle through which the evolution of my thought and practice can be charted.

I also blog for the challenge. I am not above picking a subject outside of my comfort zone or one which is new to me in order to facilitate my personal growth as as a practitioner. It also allows me to challenge my understanding of the who, where’s and why’s of what I do on a praxis and spiritual basis and at times its lead to me realising that sometimes I am doing things I really shouldn’t, or the weird random bits of received practice I have actually have a basis in fact.

Personal Development as a Blogger

I’ve always enjoyed writing, despite my challenges. When I was a youngster I was the worst Mary Jane fan fiction writer possible but my grammar and spelling fears really stopped me from developing that beyond something to do on long journeys and when sat on the beach. Blogging now is a way of getting back to that, and it allows me your not only develop my writing skills but myself in all the ways outlined above.

There are things I want to improve though. I want to be taking more of my own photos, using better composition and perhaps better quality equipment. I’m not sure if I will ever be able to justify the purchase of a proper SRL camera but there are thinks I am wanting to try out, the biggest challenge is always planning the photos ahead of time.  I tend to spend more time writing and editing the text then when I come to post it I realise I haven’t even thought the images through properly.

I doubt I am ever going to get things as sharp and pretty as some Pagan and lifestyle bloggers but I do hope to start improving.


Mental Health

Ultimately I find blogging a really good use of my spare time, and it helps me avoid falling into negative thought cycles when I am stuck waiting for the bus after work. I will admit it is a safe space / crutch, just like the ever present book or crochet project that I carry with me just in case. Yes it is a way of me shutting off from the long journey or large crowd, but it is a crutch that serve far more purposes than just getting me out of a funk.

Final Thoughts

So if I ever doubt my reasons for doing what I do I intend to just read through this list again. It’s been great to see my hit rates grow year or year, though I will never understand why my post on mirrors  (link) is so damn popular, and yes I do get a little glow when someone compliments my writing and passions.

But I’m not really doing it for the kudos, or the praise. I’m doing it because it benefits me as as a Pagan and a person in general, but if the peeps who drop in and read a popular article or two it is an extra added bonus.

About knotmagick

Weaving Magick and Crochet in the madhouse I call home. I am a devotee of Hekate and a follower of Pan.
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