Goetic Workings – continued

I love it when a plan comes together… eventually.

My original plan was to report back after my second performance of the simplified Goetic summoning, having triumphed over the complexities of my situation and setting.  Predictable (or not as the case may be) things actually got worse for me. The first possible Sunday was a write off when the kids refused to settle, and the second was obliterated by household disaster. I did perform the ritual on the Monday following, to ensure that I kept my promises, but the ritual was another rush job to fit in between  the kits going and coming back from their club that evening. I didn’t feel I manifested or even attracted Parsons attention at all.

Obviously, with that little disaster on my hands I didn’t want to write about it until I could come up with an alternative solution and was sure that I was getting results from the work I was doing.

Early Results

Although the results in ritual have been scant I have been seeing some positive results in my dreamscapes and it has become a little easier to interpret my dreams, or at least relate them to things in the waking world. For example, in February I dreamt that I attended a round table conference event, which included speakers like JSK and Gordon White of Rune Soup, and bought a whole selection of goodies. The next morning not only did the tickets for the Glastonbury Occult Conference go live but the event was confirmed for a weekend I could actually attend!!! It’s only been five years of trying but the dates have always clashed with birthdays before now. I think there were trails of fire across the Internet from the speed of my booking tickets and accommodation. Now, I’d that dream wasn’t foreshadowing something I don’t know what a prophetic dream is.


I’ve also seen a sharpening of my intuition more generally, or perhaps I have just been listening more to what it is saying, and an increase in the number of synchronised events occurring around me. Certainly, when youngsters start to fall into place they do so with a series of resounding clicks all at once rather than one at a time.

It may be coincidence, or a by product of the previous rituals increasing my awareness, but I’m choosing to take the view that if this is the result I am getting it can only get better once I get the actual ritual working for me so what to do….?

March Ritual

Let’s call February a write off, despite the improvements, and look at how things went in March. I have had to, by necessity, turn the ritual into a almost silent affair. I’m no longer using bells and my chants are said at a whisper and my invocations and commands being given no lounger than polite conversation. This means I am having to ensure my tone and inflection carry all my command and commitment.

The flip side of this is I am able to chant the enn for much longer periods of time than before. The kids may not have been as unconscious as I would have liked but they were not disturbed by my nocturnal activities.

Equally the sense of presence achieved was still noticeable. Okay there was no physical manifestation but I could feel the presence of Purson and there were some small signs of his attention. I don’t really need a lion headed man mounted on a bear blowing his trumpet in my house so smoke and shadows will suffice.

Now I am three months in I am going to look beyond my dreams and intuition on a day to day basis and start opening myself up to divination. I will start with the Lenormand, which has always been a more oracular reading than technical one for me, or the Petit Etteilla and work my way out from there. Who knows, maybe be Purson can get me hooked on tarot…


About knotmagick

Weaving Magick and Crochet in the madhouse I call home. I am a devotee of Hekate and a follower of Pan.
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