Love Spells

This is another social media inspired post and set of spells, this times on that old chestnut – Love Spells. Everyone wants to feel loved or be loved, which is only natural, and many who are new to Witchcraft wonder exactly what the Craft can do for their love life. Witchcraft can do a great deal in this department but there a difference between can and should.

Obsession vs Love

Straight off the bat, I am not saying you can’t cast for a named individual to fall in love with you. Through sympathetic magic that is entirely within the bounds of possibility and if you want to do it go ahead.

What I am saying is I think this is is a mistake on many levels and entirely disrespectful of the individual you supposedly love and yourself.

Whether someone has fallen out of love with you, rejected you based on a flaw they see/perceive or simply just aren’t that into you using magical compulsion to force them to love you will not end well.

At best you will be building a relationship on a foundation of compulsion and obsession, which is not really a relationship at all because it will be filled with doubt. At worst you are signing on for your very own stalker by forging a link between yourself and another individual that, down the line, may prove a poor choice for a life partner.  

This kind of spell is not about love; they are obsession spells driven either by the obsession of the caster or designed to instil obsession in the target. If this is what you are looking for then you won’t find it here.



Love Yourself for Who You Are

A step that many people miss, particularly when just coming out of a relationship, is self care. I have friends,  and I have done it myself, where they have reeled from one bad relationship to another without pausing to take breath. Even where magical solution are not being considered this kind of behaviour isn’t always conducive to building a stable relationship second, third and even fourth time around.

It is my observation that allowing yourself to step back and away from the need to define ourselves through the love another allows us the space to become truly ready for love in our lives, giving magic something far more grounded to work with. Time is the ultimate healer, but there are magical and spiritual actions which can help with the process.

Just remember, this process is about you. Never change yourself to fit the perceptions or demands of another. This process is about finding and being true to oneself and the changes you bring to your life should first and foremost benefit yourself. If in doubt speak to a life coach, the opinion of a third and uninvolved party is always a benefit particularly if it is qualified.

Coming out of a relationship can be a good time to review and reflect on where you are in the moment and where you want to be in a year, two years etc. I suggest making a mood board for the recent past/present and crafting a cord cutting ritual around it followed by a vision board for your future self. You can then use the images on the board to craft yourself a visualisation or maybe a sigil shoal a’La Runesoup style from which you can work.

Love Thyself Bath Spell and Synergy Blend

These break up periods are a time to rest, recoup and look after yourself. There are many variations of this theme but I never think they are inclusive enough. The scents are often high note and flowery and half the time that doesn’t even appeal to the girls, never mind everyone else. Whether you are male, female or non-binary you have the right to feel like the personification of Love. Period. 

To make a synergy blend you will need a small 2ml amber bottle and the following essential oils.

  • Rose Oil
  • Lavender Oil
  • Geranium Oil

These are all fairly high note floral blends and there are plenty of alternative oils which will all help build your sense of self confidence and love. For something a bit more woody swap out the rose and geranium for Sandalwood and Cederwood for example. Experiment with scents before making a choice if possible. Proper essential oil shops (ie not Boots) will often have bottles on hand for you to try and mix and match with. Try each scent in turn then all together straight from the bottle for the best indication on if something is going to work for you. 

 If you are looking for alternative suggestions I recommend this website. I recommend using a 5/10/10 drop ratio initially to keep the batch small, you can always make more later.

For more information on blending essential oils check out this website.

You will also need a load of tea lights (remember fire safety), your favourite tipple, your favourite type of relaxation music and anything else you want to pamper yourself with. No one is watching, spoil yourself rotten.

Add up to 5 drops of essential oil blend to a tablespoon of milk which you can then add to a hot bath. Stir the bath in a clockwise direction with your dominant hand as you say;

I am beautiful both inside and out, I am worthy of love.

Get in the bath and pamper. Go for it, you’re worth it.

One of the benefits of creating a synergy blend than needed just for one bath is a) more baths and b) it can be used in diffuses, vapours or with base oils for massage, homemade beauty products and perfumes. Always check the contraindications of the individual oil before using it on your skin.


Spells for Signalling Readiness for Love

This kind of spell is the best kind when it comes to looking for love. It doesn’t matter if you have someone in mind or are simply ready to move forward this spell will open you up to the opportunities you need to make it happen without strong arming someone into a relationship. These spells don’t name names, they don’t even include visualisations of other people. They work entirely on the caster in order to signal to the world that they are ready for love.

A Love Charm

You will need –

  • A pink candle
  • Herbal mix – one star anise, two cardamom pods, sprig of rosemary and/or lavender (preferably dried, culinary herb will suffice) and rose petals (also dried).
  • Magnetic Haematite
  • Tin or pouch

Note – magnetic Haematite is the preferred material for this spell because as well as providing an attracting quality it also brings a grounding element with it, which is often of benefit in love spells.

 Being head over heels in love is all well and good but we need to try and make 

sure we land with our feet on the ground rather than barrelling on. This stone is readily available in most crystal and gift shops but if you don’t feel you can acquire any a normal fridge magnet will suffice.

If you have any Love Thyself Synergy Oil to hand you can anoint the candle in a clockwise direction with it otherwise just go ahead and light it.

Combine the ingredients with intent and visualise them pulsing with a rose coloured aura.

Add your magnet and say;

From this moment on I am attracting a loving and supporting soulmate.

Transfer the herbs and magnet into your chosen container, seal it and put it next to the candle. Visualise the charm pulsing with a rose coloured aura. Direct your desire to attract love to yourself towards the charm and visualise them aura growing in intensity. Continue this for as long as you feel is appropriate.

Next, pick up the charm and hold it against your heart and say this affirmation (or something similar);

In the right place and the right moment, my soulmate will be drawn to me.

Carry this charm about your person. Skin contact is preferred if possible but in your pocket or purse if sufficient. Renew the charm once a month until late you feel it is no longer necessary. Do so by lighting a pink candle and repeating the visualisations and affirmation process.  You can use the affirmation at any point where you wish to activate the charm, say ahead of a date. Shake the charm as you repeat the affirmation.

Love Spells for Existing Relationships

It is possible to use love spells to strengthen existing relationships though such spells work best when both parties are on board and participate.

One this I will say, this spell isn’t for the picky eaters. Chicken hearts are a poorly recognised piece of offal which actually taste rather nice and they can be a powerful ingredient in Kitchen Witchcraft. You won’t find chicken hearts in mainstream supermarkets so you will need to locate a quality, old style butcher. I shop in my local indoor market and most of the butchers there carry them.

Eat To Your Hearts Content

Pick your recipe, preferably one where you marinade the hearts for a period of time, and gather your ingredients. Before you get started cooking separate the hearts into two bowls/piles with equal numbers. One pile will represent the you and the other your beloved.

Stir your bowl and say;

“I want our relationship to burn like fire”

Stir your beloveds bowl and say;

“to burn and smoulder and not expire”

Combine both bowls, add marinade and say;

“passions mingle with hearts desire drawing love up ever higher.”

Leave to marinade according to the recipe. As you cook the hearts visualise repeat the phrase “passions mingle with hearts desire drawing love up ever higher.”

Serve up as a romantic candle light dinner for two.

With the two piles well combined in the cooking process there is a high probability that you will both consume each others hearts, sharing in a portion of each other’s heart symbolically just as in a relationship you share each other’s hearts.

Suggested Recipes

These recipes haven’t been selected because of their ingredients but because they contain the marinade step. Of the two the Brazilian recipe may be the most appropriate as the chillies can spice up a relationship gone stale. If you are a confident cook and want to come up with your own marinade appropriate for the purpose please share your recipe.


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