Protection Spell for Wild Animals

This spell is intended to support conservation efforts, particularly in your local area. I wrote and performed this after a series of Red Kite deaths however it can be easily adapted to work on a wider scale or on a pet within the home.

You will need

  • Picture of the animal to be protected
  • Biodegradable Tea Bag (example 1, example 2)
  • An green leaf from a deciduous tree *
  • Spring water
  • Salt

* An oak leaf is the most idea leaf for this spell however any deciduous leave will do. Ensure the leaf is taken from a living tree with the relevant permission sought and offerings made.

Gather all the items and lay them before you. Think on the animal you wish to protect and hold in your mind your intent as you say;

I call on the spirits of the Wild Wood, creeping creatures of woodland dark, come forth from your hidden places and hear my petition.  

Take up the symbol of the animal to be protected. Visualise the animal, whole and protected, with sufficient clarity as though it were with you in that moment. Breath life into the image and transfer it into the representation. Please the leaf and the representation of the animal to be protected together, smaller a top larger as appropriate. Bless the salt in the usual way and mix a pinch with the spring water in consecration before sprinkling it over the leaf and representation saying these words.

Protect them oh Sprites of the Earth. Guard them from evil acts and from onslaught in waking and in sleep. From hidden harm and hunters both, nurture this child of the wild well.

Place the representation and leaf into the teabag and seal it shut

Take the pouch and remaining water to a secluded location and bury the pouch where it will not be disturbed. Pour the remaining water over the burial site before leaving.


It is possible to adapt this spell for the protection of pets, remembering they are wild animals which have adapted to live with us. You may choose to replace the teabag with a linen pouch to create a charm for your animal to wear or to be placed somewhere within your home, preferably  somewhere close to the place where your pet sleeps, where it will be safe from interference. In this event place the resulting pouch as desired and if possible (and advisable) sprinkle a little of the remaining water over your pet. Any remaining water should be poured onto the earth outside, away from any plants which might be negatively impacted by salt water.


About knotmagick

Weaving Magick and Crochet in the madhouse I call home. I am a devotee of Hekate and a follower of Pan.
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