A Deipnon Ritual

As a process of rededication and to celebrate the dedication of a new statue to Hekate I decided to review my current depinon practices in light of my recent study, changes in praxis ect. The resulting ritual is a blend of things I have done before and new ritual elements which I have developed over the last couple of years and feel ready now to share with everyone.

You can download my ritual outline via the link at the bottom of this post, in the meantime this post will deal with some practical considerations one might want to think about before planning a Depinon ritual.

This post is intended to read in conjunction with a post on the history of Depinon which can be found here


Offerings from the Deipnon ritual are traditional left at a three way crossroad however any liminal location, such as a property boundary, is equally appropriate. If you choose to perform the ritual at a liminal site (secluded crossroad, graveyard etc) then some ritual items will not be necessary and actions such as the cleansing of sacred space and home will need to take place in advance of the ritual and fumigation would take place after it. Equally you may be in a position where you make the initial offering but complete the ritual in full before leaving the offerings at the crossroads. Use this ritual structure flexibly and adapt it to your personal situation and preferences.



The following are a combination of traditional and modern ritual offerings given to Hekate at Deipnon.


  • Water (spring or purified)
  • Wine
  • Milk and honey


  • Garlic
  • Eggs
  • Sweet cakes
  • Fish (mullet)
  • Goat meat

Other Items

  • Sweepings from the home and altars, including any previous food offerings
  • Things you don’t want to bring into the next month as a written list
  • Details of a devotional act to be carried out before next Deipnon

You are neither limited to the list given here nor should you feel the need to include everything I have suggested. At minimum you must have a libation, one food offering, and ideally one thing that from the cleansing of the sacred space or your person/al life.

When considering your offering plate keep the following things in mind. The plate should not be one from with the living has, or will, eat from. Ideally it should be dedicated to use in deipnon rituals and/or similar practices involving the dead however if this in not possible wash the plate in salt water between uses to purify the object.

To Circle or Not

In magical practices circles are usually constructed as a method of protection, as a process of making a space sacred or as a containment for energy raised for a particular purpose. In deity devotion these conditions do not necessarily apply and thus it is up to the person conducting the ritual as to whether or not they wish to include the process of casting a circle.

When performing my Deipnon ritual I do not include the casting of protective circle as

1) I am performing the ritual in a space already sacred to Hekate

2) I do not include spellwork in this ritual and therefore do not raise energy

3) the presence of a circle can cause a delay between deposition and completion of the ritual.

Particularly on this final point it is important to note that whilst we carry the ability to cast a circle within ourselves, meaning we can cast them at a time and place of our choosing, a constructed ritual circle is static once it has been established. If the practitioner leaves the circle they leave its protection behind. I’ve seen a couple of discussions suggesting that if the practitioner leaves the circle to make depositions they carry the protection of the circle with them which is untrue, at least in accordance with all my years of training and research.

Personally I use a method I developed which is not too dissimilar to the opening stages of the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram which I call the Ephesian Compass. This process allows me to achieve balance and establish personal protections at the same time as clearing down the energies around me whilst at the same time invokes the presence of Hekate through the use of barbarous words and phrases commonly used to honour her. Using this method I am able to forego the full ritual circle and move between ritual space and deposition site freely and with confidence about my personal protections.

Were I performing the ritual out doors and away from my own property I would most likely incorporate a full circle casting (situation and location dependent) however because I am already at the deposition site the circle does not become restrictive in any fashion.

So – have fun. Use what is relevant, adapt or replace what isn’t, feedback to me here or via Facebook what you think of my mad crazy ideas. Remember, you are free to download and use my ritual but if you share it please do so with credit and a link back to this page or the blog overall.

Deipnon Ritual

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