Maskelli Maskello 

The Maskelli Maskello formula appears in PGM IV. 2708-84 (lines 2752-55) where Hekate is directly invoked by the formula…

“Come, Hekate, of flaming council, I call you to my sacred chants MASKELLI MASKELLO PhNOUNKENTABAÔTh OREOBAZAGRA who bursts forth from the earth, / earth mare, OREOPEGANYX MORMORON TOKOUMBAI (add the usual).”

In his glossary (p336) Betz renders the formula as


Voces Magicae explains the formula a number of ways but primarily as an invocation of both Hekate and the Idaean Dactyls guardians of the newborn Zeus and master smiths associated with subterranean fires. The Dactyls are also invoked alongside Hekate in the Grammata of PGM LXX 4-25 so I decided to incorporate it into my daily devotions with an interpretation of the formula based on the information from Voces Magicae.

Sing the song of wisdom o’ hosts of hades; speak, o’ oracle of the mountains, and call forth the children of the earth mare, come split the earth asunder o’ Lords of Fire.
©Vicky Newton 2018

Curetes and the birth of Athena

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