Goodbye 2018 Hello 2019

2018 is rapidly drawing to a close and it’s time to take a look back at all that has taken place like I always do. Knot Magick was born into this world during the last weeks of December so is as much a celebration of the blog it’s self as the year that has past. In addition to my run through the Sabbats I’ve also explored Goetic working and despite my silence in recent months a lot of that work is still ongoing. I’ve also researched really interesting historical and archaeological topics surrounding Hekate as well as share snippets about my own personal doings from time to time. Something else I did this year, but won’t be replicating in 2019, was participate in the Attic 24 Woodland CAL. I will be making an Attic 24 blanket n the new year but it won’t be the Sweet Pea project. I fell in love the Dune colour palate Lucy shared on her own page so I will be making these colours up into a neat wave, a stitch I’ve not done before but I have been trying it out on a short repeat colour wash which I am calling my Arcarna Pallet.

New for 2019
Playing with my demons did one thing, it through the tarot directly into my face and jailbroke it for me. All it took was was a relationship sim to do it for me.

No, that isn’t a joke; the Arcana romance sim presented a way of reading tarot to me which actually made sense and since that door was open for me other things have fallen into place. I don’t have a physical Arcana deck just yet as it hasn’t been published yet, the designers have a deck with the printer but there is a chance that, with demand so high, I won’t get a first print run so I have prepared a template to print them up. I will be printing on labels so that I can add them to cardstock and then carefully cut them to size before adding the reverse before backing each card with sticky back plastic. Art Attack eat your heart out.

The deck I make will be for personal use, and I have every intention of purchasing a deck as soon as I am able, so I am trying to assuage my copyright guilt.

I am still having to learn the tarot because after 20 years of practice I’ve managed to pick almost nothing up about it. The Arcana deck is presented very intuitively in the game and this opened a whole avenue of interpretation I had never applied to tarot. At the same time, it has pips based minor arcana and although I was initially daunted by this I soon realised through a couple of YouTube videos that it might not be as scary as I first thought. Learning the numerology of the pips is actually easier for my brain for some reason because I don’t get an overload from the cards themselves, frying my brain and blocking a reading.

So in 2019, I am going to bringing tarot to the blog. The first way will be through sharing the work I have been doing in comparing the Arcana game deck to the Rider-Waite-Smith. I decided to do this as part of the generation learning process, matching the rich imagery of RWS with the more streamlined Arcana. I started doing this a month or so ago and whilst it hasn’t progressed as quickly as I would I will be concentrating on it in 2019. I will also be putting the learning into practice by doing a couple of 30-day challenges, mainly hybrids of things I have found around the interweb. I’m not going to attempt to draw it out or post daily, so I’ll just post a round-up with pictures from my journal. Then there is all the stuff I didn’t get posted in my one said week routine, not to mention all the inspirations and ideas sat in my phone waiting for my own actions on. Writing and researching from a phone is a laborious process at the best of times but it is impossible for me to edit larger posts on such a small device so the stuff that has made it to the blog is only part of what has been written this year. They will do until I have time to edit them, or at least become so relevant that I can’t put off publishing them. I’m also planning a couple of trips on occult matters including my first ever trip to the Glastonbury Occult Conference so there will be no shortage of topics for next year. In fact, the biggest dilemma will be how to research and write it all and settle into my new job (starting in April 2019). If 2018 was a year to be wyrd then this 2019 is to find a good word/work/home life balance which has all the hallmarks of being really fun.

About knotmagick

Weaving Magick and Crochet in the madhouse I call home. I am a devotee of Hekate and a follower of Pan.
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