Full Moon in Leo

For 2019 the moon kicks us into high gear with the first full moon occurring in the star sign of Leo. This gives us the perfect opportunity to think and plan big and back up those plans with the confidence-boosting energy of Leo the Lion. Not sure that you have will power to achieve your goals? Leo is a good sign to work with to help build your self-confidence and self-belief.
Sun Sign – Aquarius
Dates – Jan. 21 – Fb. 19
Element – Fire
Colour – Gold, deep yellow, bright orange
Incense – Frankincense, lemon balm, chamomile, cinnamon, orange

Spell /Ritual Themes

  • Personal goals
  • Personal development
  • taking risks
  • self-confidence
  • self-expression
  • manifesting / taking advantage of opportunities

Spell to Achieve a Goal

This spell can either be performed over the three days of the visible full moon or as part of a single ritual accord to your situation. Just allow sufficient time and safe space to allow the candles to burn down.

  • One orange candle / tea light
  • Three white candle / tea lights
  • Incense associated with Leo
  • Something to carve candles (pin)
  • Pen and paper.


Before start your ritual take a moment to write down your goal and three steps you need to take or three things that need to occur in order to achieve it. You then either need go identify a rune to represent these concepts, or create reduction sigil if you prefer. Now turn your goal and your three actions/steps into an affirmation for the spell itself..
Gather your items and set them out before you and create a ritual space if required. If you wish to invoke patron deity then so; Sol Invictus and Nike/Victory would also be appropriate to your purpose. If invoking deity include an offering as part of your ritual.
With your pin or other tool carve the goal symbol into the orange candle and the three action sigils one in to each of the white tealights. Set the goal candle in the centre of your space and the action candles before it.


© Vicky Newton

Step One

After setting up your working and sacred space light the goal candle and the first action candle stating your goal and step one affirmations. Visualise taking that first step, or what it would be like for that first need to be realised. There should be an energy to the visualisation which grows within you. Meditate on this for about 5 mins. When the meditation ends see the energy raised by your joy and anticipation flow into the orange candle. This will be stored within the candle until the next step.

Step Two

Light the second step candle with the goal and appropriate step affirmation. Again, visualise the thing that needs to occur made manifest and how this will change your life for the achievement of your goal for about 5 mins and then transfer the energy and emotion into the goal candle which you should visualise as glowing.

Step Three

Light the third step candle saying the goal and appropriate step affirmation. Now, as well as visualisation the final step include the final goal complete and how this will impact your life. Hold the visualisation for 5 mins, longer if possible, before transferring the joy and energy into the goal candle a final time. Visualise the goal candle shining with energy and intent
Now repeat your goal affirmation with purpose and conviction, invoking the aid of deity if you have chosen to do so. Now would also
be the time to make offerings to them. Gaze into the flame of the goal candle and see it being fed by your stored energy and intent. As it burns your purpose is being made manifest. It doesn’t hurt to repeat the visualisation of your goal whilst your candle burns down.
Either stay and with everything burn down or deconstruct your working space, thanking any entity that has been asked to be present and provide aid, and leave all three candles to burn down if it is safe to do so. Dispose of the candle remains in a responsible manner.
Dong forget to keep working toward your goal in the real world, making space for the magic to take effect or taking advantage of opportunities as they present themselves.

About knotmagick

Weaving Magick and Crochet in the madhouse I call home. I am a devotee of Hekate and a follower of Pan.
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