Crochet Pattern – Basic Spell Pouch

The school holidays have been and gone and it was my turn to herd the children for the (very long) week they were out in the wild. The weather was not great, and I don’t drive, so we spent quite a bit of time at home so I employed them in tidying up their own messes around the house. This included taking apart our sofa storage to clean out all the illicit food rappers and the like and in the process of which I assessed my yarn stash. It turned out that it included a bushel of double-knit cottons in rainbow colour from when I made spell pouches for a friend a few years back and was inspired.

Although I could remember the pattern I’d previously used I wanted to try something a little different but despite looking for patterns on Ravelry (the first rule of crochet) but nothing inspired and I didn’t find anything which I wanted to adapt (the second rule of crochet) so I started scrolling through Google images for ideas for inspiration in the hope I could come up with something myself. This is always my final resort because I don’t particularly consider myself an inspire freestyle hooker but the search made me realise that a pouch made of two flat circles stitches together with a drawstring for closing and neck wear was a simple pattern that even I could come up with. Having worked a couple up I decided the finished item looked swish enough to write up and share the pattern.

Basic Spell Pouch Pattern

This pattern is worked in a spiral until large enough but I have written the instructions for 7 rounds using double knit cotton and a 3mm hook. This makes a nice sized pouch for wearing around neck or hanging around home or altar and is big enough to accept a medium size tumbled stone, paper sigil, herbs and other assorted small curios. You could, in theory, use any size yarn and continue increasing to create a pouch of any size but regardless of the yarn you use I recommend using a hook at least one size smaller than recommended to ensure a tight tension to ensure integrity of content.

Stitches Used

MC – magic circle (aka magic ring)

Ss- slip stitch

Sc – single crochet

Increase – 2sc in the same stitch

Fsc – foundationless single crochet

Make 2

Basic Spell Pouch.png

Copyright Vicky Newton

Round 1 MC and sc 6 times do not join. (6)

R2 increase x6 (12)

R3 Sc, increase (18)

R4 2sc, increase (24)

R5 3sc, increase (30)

R6 4sc, increase (36)

R7 5sc, increase (42) ss in the next stitch.

Fasten off and sew in ends.

Put the two sides wrong sides together and using contrasting colour sc around the outer edge leaving at least 10 un-worked stitches but do not tie off. Work each side separately sc around evenly and ss to join. I tend to put a sc into the top of the first stitch of the joining round to close everything off neatly. If you want a heavier chain for the pouch to fasten off here, sew in the ends and skip the drawstring instructions.

To create a drawstring continue a second round – Ch1 and sc into the same stitch. (Ch1, skip a stitch, sc) evenly around and ch1 and ss into the top of the first sc to end. Fasten off

Crochet a chain long enough to go around the neck and tie off, leaving enough length to allow for sewing through the drawstring and the ends together if desired. You can thread it all the way around or just the front, which is my preference as it is sufficiently sealed but lies flat.


For a heavier chain with right side facing attach the contrasting thread (leaving enough free for sewing) to one corner of the pouch neck to allow you to fsc chain to the appropriate length. When done fasten with enough length for sewing and attach to the opposite side of the pouch neck securely.  You can either leave the pouch open or add a button or ties to give it some even of security.

You can download a pdf copy of the pattern using the link below

Basic Spell Pouch

You can also add the pattern to your Ravelry queue and find some of my other patterns.

All my patterns are free for use and you are welcome to sell finished items but you may not sell the pattern itself. If you would like to share the pattern please make sure you you link back to this original post in addition to keeping the pdf’s copyright notice intact.

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Weaving Magick and Crochet in the madhouse I call home. I am a devotee of Hekate and a follower of Pan.
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