Moon and Star Blanket

After last year’s abortive attempt at a granny square a day project I’ve been chomping at the bit to do another one. I started looking around in December for one but decided against a temperature blanket due to my fear it would end up being dominated by all the cooler colours.

After a bit of angst and searching around for witchy inspiration I decided that I wanted something that would track the phases of the moon but would also allow me to mark it’s journey though the zodiac signs. This would allow me to be mindful of the moon’s journey through the sky all year long, giving me no excuses to be all “oh shit, the moon is full tomorrow” like I usually am.

What followed was a bit more angst as I couldn’t decide on what modular square to use. I wanted a relatively solid square which I could join easily as I went along (no blocking and fiddly sewing) but struggled to find anything that would fit the bill. Finally I broke down an made my own pattern and so the Semi-solid Circle To Square was born.

Semi-Solid Circle to Square

Stitches Used
Magic Circle (MC)
Treble Crochet (tr)
Half Treble Crochet (htr)
Double Crochet (dc)
Chain (ch)
Slip Stitch (ss)

Notes – 3 chain at start of round counts as tr throughout.

Pattern written assuming colour changes for the the Moon and Stars blanket. If you’re using a single colour or changes on different rounds you only need to fasten off when it is appropriate to do so.

Round 1 – MC, chain three, 11tr into MC. Close up loop and ss into top of chain 3. Fasten off. (12 tr in total)
Reinsert hook a stitch or so along and draw up next colour.

Round 2 – chain 3, tr into same stitch (first tr cluster). 2tr in each stitch around. Ss into top of chain 3. Fasten off (12 tr clusters, 24 stitches total).
Reinsert hook a stitch or two along and draw up next colour.

Round 3 – chain 3, tr chain 2 2tr into same stitch as tr.
Across the next five stitches *htr, dc X3, htr. In the next stitch 2tr, chain 2, 2tr* (second corner made)
Repeat * to * once and then htr, dc X3, htr across the final five stitches. Ss into the chain 3.

Your circle should now be squared and look a little something like this

Either fasten off and draw up new colour at the corner ch2 space or ss across to it and chain up with the same colour.

Round 4 – chain 3, tr ch2 2tr into ch2 space. *Tr into first stitch (see photo).
Skp St, tr x2 in next two stitches. Repeat until the last stitch. Tr in last stitch and 2tr ch2 2tr into next ch2 space.*

Looking at that first complete side there should be three stitches in the corners, two in the space and one in the first stitch and you should have three skipped stitches (these will be used to join as you go when making up the blanket.

Repeat * to * twice more in full and as far as the final tr on the last side. Ss into top of ch3 and fasten off.

If you don’t know how to join as you go check out this video, it will require a slight modification but it is essentially the same.

If anyone is interested in doing something similar I made my blanket using J C Barrett Top Value DK but gauge doesn’t really matter for the pattern above so you can use your preferred yarn and the hook appropriate to it.

Moon Phase

New Moon – black – 3 squares per cycle
Waxing / Waning Crescent – Dark Grey 5 / 5 squares per cycle
Waxing / Waning Gibbous – Light Grey 6 / 6 squares per cycle
New Moon – White – 3 squares per cycle

I can’t confirm exactly how many balls it will take over all but so far I I recon I have usee half a ball of light grey each moon cycle, the same for the dark grey, whilst the black and white should last me quite a bit longer.

Zodiac Signs

I’m not going to give you colours for the 12 signs, for a variety of reasons, but mainly I think it needs to be your decisions as to what works well and your colour choices will variety depending on brand. These should last the year but we’ll see.

Lunar Eclipse

For Lunar Eclipses the moon phase rounds will be worked in red. Try an avoid using a colour used in the zodiac colour pallet just in case it aligns with a sign of the same colour.

Sabbat Dates

To mark a quarter and cross quarter days round 3 can be worked on a bright yellow /gold before changing back to the moon phase colour. Just make sure the colour used isn’t also used in your zodiac colours. I am timing these to the astrological date rather than the fixed date but whatever works for you.

Round 1 Moon Phase
Round 2 Sign
Round 3 Moon Phase / Sabbat
Round 4 Moon Phase

I could have made the blanket 15 squares across and 24 rows high but having reached 15 I decided the blanket width wasn’t quite wide enough so I have settled on 18 squares by 20 rows. This will give me 360 squares and offset the pattern of the moon slightly more than it would have been otherwise.

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