The Tower

The Tower

Upright Meaning – disaster, upheaval, sudden change, revelation

Reversed Meaning – Avoiding disaster, fear of change

Description of Rider-Waite-Smith

A storm rages around a great stone and timber tower, battering the walls with all it’s might. Atop it’s battlements stands the lord of the land and his companion, confident that their power and position are assured by their great defenses. All is brought to naught by the hand of God flashing down from the sky to blow apart their hopes of stability, and they are cast low just as any other mortal man.

Key Symbols


The lightening strike against the great Tower is a divine act of God, one which has overcome all the defences of the Tower to bring it low. The lightening indicates that the changes that are being brought are unavoidable, even fated, and is a reminder that change is both transformative and scary.


The defensive position of the Tower is undeniable; high walls built atop a unassailable cliff can only be over come by the greatest of upheavals. The tower represents our ongoing resistance to change; we like the status quo and will often go to extremes to protect it but in this instance it will all come to naught.

Falling Figures

The figures that call from the Tower ae richly dressed and a crown falls alongside them indicating that one was of royal descent, or at least pretense. The fall reminds us that we are all equal in the eyes of fate and even the machinations of great men can be overcome.

The Tower of the Arcana

In the game the Tower Card is representative of Pontifex Vulgora, a member of the courtiers and a prominent character in Nadia’s route. During the masquerade Vulgora wears a stag mask, as represented on the card itself, and is seen wearing the red beetle which is emblematic of the plague throughout the story.

Vulgora, like the other courtiers, represents the worst aspects of her card and obsessed by chaos and destruction. Prone to violent outbursts, it is clear from the remarks of Nadia that Vulgora was once a competent battle leader but under the influence of Lucio and the Tower she has become a distorted version of herself.

The Tower also appears as a location within the magical other realm on the night of the masqurade, where it is necessary for the MC and Julian to break out of it’s confines in order to proceed. In it, Julian is required to face his fears about magic and use it himself in order to better understand himself and grow as a character.

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Weaving Magick and Crochet in the madhouse I call home. I am a devotee of Hekate and a follower of Pan.

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