The Star

Upright Meaning – hope, spirituality, rebels, inspiration, serenity

Reversed Meaning – despair, discouragement, lack of faith

Description of Rider-Waite-Smith

Lit by starlight the maiden works, pouring out all that she is into the world to nourish it and bring new growth and hope for the future. The waters of her well and pitcher bring renewal to the plan but she intuitively knows that in order to continue to nourish the world she needs must nourish the source as well. The scene is dominated by one large eight rayed star and surrounded by seven smaller stars. The largest and brightest hangs heavily above the the nude woman, her crowing glory and the light by which she works. Some see the other seven stars are representing the seven energetic chakras, representing the balancing of physical, emotional and spiritual health.

Key Symbols


The central figure of the Star card has laid herself and her truth bear for all the world to see. She is comfortable not only in her own skin but in her purpose and abilities, accepting her intuitive nature which she nourishes with the waters of her emotions. She is unfettered by the material realm and is able to raise up to new levels of spiritual existence, bringing her conscious and subconscious mind in harmony with one another as she seeks inspiration, direction, self enlightenment and wisdom.


The nude woman loveigly pours two pitchers of water out into the world, one flowing to nourish the earth whilst the other she returns to the pool from which she drew it. The blue juat represents the element of water, the emotions, we pour our emotions out into the world around us and nourish our mundane endeavours with their waters. The res vessel represents the element of fire Bs is symbolic of our passions. The woman pours water from the red vessel back into the pool of water, symbolically the source of our emotions, reminding us to nourish our emotional source to ensure that it stays pure and clear. The pouring water cause a disturbance to the pond, drawing to the surface thiga which have long been hidden and reminds us that we must examine supresed and buried emotions to understand how they are affecting us in our lives day to day.


The great star hangs low in the sky as it casts it guiding light, brighter than all others in the self same sky. This star has been foreshadowed elsewhere in the journey of the Fool and was the light within the Hermits lamp, though he did not yet know it. The Hermit sought the guiding light, the maiden has found it and basks in its radiance as she nourishes her world with the waters if emotions. The light cast by the star in the sky is very different to that can’t from the Hermits lantern, and in our startlight all things may appear different and strange but it is a good thing to look at difficult situations in a different light in order to gain a new perspective.

The Star of the Arcana

The Star of the Arcana shares many of the symbols common to the Rider Waite deck, with the right stars implied and represented across the midnight field above the central figure of a feline maiden. Unlike the RWS, only one pitcher of water is being poured out onto the ground, though as it is being poured it is clear that not only is the ground nourished but the reservoir of emotion is being created at the same time.

In the game the Star is the avatar of main character and love interest, Portia Devorak, the younger sister of Julian. When Julian left his home in Nevivon and managed to get in to trouble for the murder of count Lucio Portia left her home and comfort to seek out and save her brother despite himself. This takes her on a number of adventures (no spoilers) until she finds herself in service to a sleeping countess Nadia, becoming her personal servant and confidant the moment she wakes.

Portia wears her emotions on her sleeve, and whilst most of those emotions appear to be exasperation and sarcasm boarding onto anger she is in touch with her loving side and like the star that fiery is nourished and fed by the deep well of love she has for her friends and animals. Her animal companion is Pepi the cat, a queen amongst felines, but she is affectionate to all the love interests animal companions, even raucous Camio. Also like the Star she is a guiding light to her brother in her attempt to aid the MC in clearing his name and draw him out of his depression and self loathing.

Author: knotmagick

Weaving Magick and Crochet in the madhouse I call home. I am a devotee of Hekate and a follower of Pan.

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