Modern Letter: Q
Ruler of the Light Half of the Year
Mayday to The Eve of All Hallows
(Also shares 9th Ogham month with Hazel)

Many of the messages associated with Queirt are associated with choice. Choice is not always easy, especially when the choice is between two equally attractive things, but the choice must still be made. Being able to differentiate between choosing between what is right and what will make us happy is an important skill. Remember, not choosing (inaction) is still a choice but it is more likely to lead to an unsatisfactory outcome, particularly in the case of spiritual journeys and pathways to learning. Sometimes it is better to be a master in one thing than a jack of all trades. Either way, to be able to harvest the gifts of your experience you must be open to making the decisions laid out before knowing that if it doesn’t make sense right now it will in the future.

Queirt- The Irish Ogham by Lunaria Gold


Who would have thought that the apple, that tart, tangy and crisp fruit favourite, was not a native of the British Isles? The first mention of apples in 885AD in relation nut it wasnt until after the Normal Conquest of 1066 that apple orchards and cider production really took off. Prior to this the only apples in the British Isles were those we know as crab apples today so for the purposes of this I will look at both species.

Domestic Apple Quick facts
Common name: Apple
Scientific name: Malus x domestica
Family: Rosaceae
Origin: non-native

The apple tree is a small to medium tree which can grow up to 10m in high. The bark of the tree is usually grey with bumps and ridges whilst the leaves are a dark green oval with serrated edges and a woolly underside. The pale pink flowers, which blossom throughout May and June, transform into fruit during the autumn months. Fruit ranges from green to red in colour and will be sharp or sweet according to specific species. Carpels form as the fruit develops, that hold dark brown seeds so that when the fruit is cut horizontally a star pattern is formed.

Malus Domestica Braeburn – Caragh Nurseries

Crab Apple Quick facts
Common name: crab apple
Scientific name: Malus sylvestris
Family: Rosaceae
Origin: native

Ancestor of the cultivated apple can apples grow to a similar height to their domesticated counterparts, though they are hardy and can live much longer. The tree takes on an irregular shape and the bark becomes more notably gnarled and twisted, especially when exposed, and twigs develop spines. These changes give the tree a ‘crabbed’ appearance hence the common name of Crab Apple. The leaves of the crab apple are a lighter green in comparison to their domestic counterparts, and are more glossy. Unlike the domestic apple crab apples plays host to parasitic mistletoe and is more likely to cultivate lichens.

Crab Apple – Wild Food UK


Planet: Venus
Element: Water
Gender: Feminine
Themes: Love and Trust
Stone: Emerald, Rose Quartz
Birds:  Grosbeak
Color: green, Pink
Deity: Demeter, Hera, Pomona Aphrodite, Iðunn, Frigga, Freya, Virgin Mary,
Sabbat: Samhain

Magical Uses

Queirt Queirt Queirt
Quuu Eeer T Quuu Eeer T
Quu Quu Quu Eeer T
Queirt Queirt Queirt

Suggested Galdur

Catch a falling blossom indicates good luck close at hand. Successfully catch 12 in a row and the year ahead will be a fortunate one.

Apple wands are best harvested under the light of the waxing crescent of the moon, ideally in the month of May, and use for workings associated with love and healing.

Discover the initial of your future love interest by peeling an apple skin in one peice to throw it over your left shoulder.

Use dried apple blossom in incense to increase your connection with the fairy realms.

Apples are often used in love and fertility spell but they can also be used in protection charms when included dried apple seeds in spell pouches or other charms.

Mythology and Literature

The apple appears prominently throughout Western mythology as the magical macguffin that drives a story along to the point of influencing biblical interpretation. Apples have been depicted as bestowing healing, immortality or knowledge as well as the reward for beauty or sign of a bargain struck with faery.

The apple isn’t always a positive object.  The apple of beauty is also the Apple of Discord; the fruit of the tree of knowledge is obtained following an act of deception something which is repeated in Snow White with the old womans apple being one of mortality rather than immortality.

The mythology of the humble apple is deep and one worthy of it’s own post at some point in the future but for now I would encourage you to read this blog from Girl with her Head in a Book. https://girlwithherheadinabook.co.uk/2017/06/top-ten-apples-in-mythology.html

“I am the ancient Apple Queen,
As once I was so am I now.
For evermore a hope unseen,
Betwixt the blossom and the bough.
Ah, where’s the river’s hidden Gold!
And where the windy grave of Troy?
Yet come I as I came of old,
From out the heart of summer’s joy.”

William Morris  –  Pomona – Poems by the Way

Sources and Further Reading

Learn Religion – Ogham
Ogham Lyberty
Living Library
The Goddess Tree
Eco Enchantments
Tree Symbolism
Woodland Trust – Crab Apple
Woodland Trust – Domestic Apple

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