Modern Letter: A
Ruler of the Start of the Lunar Year
22nd December

Ailm speaks to our perceptions and progress, encouraging us to look beyond our immediate situation from the great vantage point of the Pine trees great height. Look to long-term goals and planning so you are prepared for what is up ahead. View things with a clear eye to ensure the best chance of foreseeing the future and ensuring a favourable outcome. It can also be very important to look back in this same way as well, as it is an opportunity to learn from our past and carry forward lessons and healing. Looking both forward and back are important to charting out process, physically, mentally and spiritually, allowing us to attain new heights of wisdom and better support those who are following in our footsteps.

Ailm – The Irish Ogham by Lunaria Gold


Common name: Scots pine
Scientific name: Pinus sylvestris
Family: Pinaceae
Origin: native

The Scots pine is the only true native pine in the UK though it can be found across northern Europe. Mature trees grow up to 35mm high with scaly orange brown bark which breaks and fissures into plates with age. As an evergreen the blue-green needle-like leaves remain on the tree all rest round, growing in pairs with a slight twist on then. The tree has both male and female flowers, being of two different types growing at either the base or tip of shoots. Once pollinated the Female flowers turn from red-purple to green cones, maturing to grey brown woody cones with raised bumps.

Towering tall in the northern glens, the Scots pine is an important habitat for a number of threatened species including the red squirrel, pine marten and Scottish wild cat. more generally it is also home to a number of birds and insect species.

Magical Correspondences

Planet: Mars
Element: Air
Gender: Masculine
Themes: Birth, Abundance, Health, Fertility, Fortune, Love
Stone: Emerald
Birds: Crow, Jackdaw, Raven
Color: Black
Deity: Artemis, Ariadne, Rhea, Cybele, Druantia, Erigone, Dionysus, Bacchus, Merlin, Pan. Attis
Sabbat: Yule

Magical Uses

Ailm Ailm Ailm
Aaaaa Iiiii Llmmm Aaaaa Iiiii Llmmm
Ah Ah AaaaaIiii Lmmmm
Ailm Ailm Ailm

Suggested Galdur

Burning pine logs or adding pine needles or cones to your fure will ward off any negative influences. Burning incense  made of pine needles, resin or oil in ritual will same the same effect.

Add pine oil to your bath or aromatherapy burner to help clear your mind and ease anxious thoughts and feelings.

Pine is particularly useful in fertility rites, both as wood for a wand or as a base for a charm/amulet.

Mythology and Literature

There is evidence that pine trees were used as way markers, particularly by herd farmers who would drive their cattle long distances to Market. Pines appear at prominent points along ancient driveways, particularly at crossroads and high ridges where they can serve as navigational landmarks along the way. Many of these ancient drove-ways seem to align with skylines, and pines have gained the association of being planted at axial points where energies line cross.

As with other evergreens the pine is seen as a winter symbol, a vestage of life within the winter darkness with a connection to life, death and rebirth. This association is further emphasised by the way that pines inevitable bounce back after prolong periods of drought and forest fires and we find pinecones adorning the tips of a number divine wands such as the thyrus wands of Bacchus and Dionysus and the wood of the pine being included amongst the nine sacred woods to be included in the balefire.

Other deities associated with pine include vegetative Phrygian–Roman pairing of Attis and Cybele and the preference befor pine in ship building also associated it with sea gods such as Poseidon.

Yes this at least I find is surely mine
After a long hard journey and mighty cities seen
The pure sweet scent of a southern long-leafed pine
Into my nostrils breathed, soft rich and clean.

John Gould Fletcher
Der Schwarzwald by Windfalcon

Sources and Further Reading

Learn Religion – Ogham
Ogham Lyberty
Living Library
The Goddess Tree
Eco Enchantments
Tree Symbolism
Trees for Life
Woodland Trust
Silver Fir

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