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Gobekli Tepe – my uninformed ramblings

Earlier this year I made the drunken offer to give a talk on Gobekli Tepe to our local Moot. It took me so long to write up my research that I thought it only fair to share it to the … Continue reading

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Indalo Man

The Fam went on holiday without me earlier this year. Yes they all trotted off to sunny Spain and left me at home to fend for myself *le sob* They were nice enough to bring me back a little statue … Continue reading

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Summoning the Spirits

I know of witches who whistle at different pitches, calling things that don’t have names. Helen Oyeyemi, White is for Witching Whistling is a common power attributed to the historical Witch, whether it be linked to the calling of spirits or … Continue reading

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Samhain Also known as: Samhuin, Oidhche Shamhna, Halloween, Hallowmass, Third Harvest, Day of the Dead Pronounced: SOW-in, SAH-vin, or SOW-een Dates 31st October or 1st November (Northern Hemisphere) 30th April or 1st May (Southern Hemisphere) Season Autumn Zodiac Aspect 15 … Continue reading

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Hekate and Corvids

The corvid family contains a number of different birds but this post will will concentrate on the three most commonly associated with Hekate; the Raven, the Crow and the Magpie.  Raven On a spiritual level the Raven plays the role … Continue reading

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Venus de Willendorf

Don’t you love it when your favourite things get censored? Whether it is a favourite book being put on a banned list or book to movie adaptation gone wrong nothing bites more than our favourite thing being censored. Facebook was … Continue reading

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Tales of a Thrifty Witch

Spring is the season of the car boot and vintage fairs as all my local events kick off in the first week or so in April. The theory is that  the weather is getting warmer so trawling around so attendance … Continue reading

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