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Venus de Willendorg

Don’t you love it when your favourite things get censored? Whether it is a favourite book being put on a banned list or book to movie adaptation gone wrong nothing bites more than our favourite thing being censored. Facebook was … Continue reading

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Beltane Pronounced: bee-YAWL-tinnuh, or BELL-tinnuh Also known as: May Day, Walpurgisnacht, Floralia, Calan Mai Dates 30th April or 1st May (Northern Hemisphere) 31st October or 1st November (Southern Hemisphere) Season Spring Zodiac Aspect 15 degrees Taurus Themes Fertility Vitality Abundance … Continue reading

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A Family Outing to Scarbourough

This weeks blog is a little delayed thanks to the beautiful weather we have experienced this weekend. Sunny days are so few and far between in this country that you have to make hay whilst the sun shines. And if … Continue reading

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And so the end… Woodland Blanket

And so we’ve reached the end. The final Woodland CAL post went live on Friday and I’ve put the finishing touches to my blanket. I’m not massively pleased with the finished result. In hindsight I should have gone with my … Continue reading

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Woodland Blanket Part 4

If you think I spend all my free time sitting around crocheting you wouldn’t be far wrong. Crochet is central to my calm down / wind down routine of a silly basis and I will admit to carrying mini projects … Continue reading

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Woodland Blanket Part 3

I like to express my sense of wyrd by making things that are more than a little off beat.  There are all sorts of possibilities out there if you know where to look and I would be lost without The … Continue reading

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Woodland Blanket Part 2

As the good General said – let’s get down to business. As you can see the first 18 colour changes of my woodland blanket are laid in and looking yummy. I’m really glad I had a practice of Lucy’s neat … Continue reading

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