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Upright Meaning – Strength, courage, patience, self-control, compassion Reversed Meaning – Weakness, doubt, lack of control, lack of self-discipline Description of Rider-Waite-Smith In the centre of the scene stands the Maiden and the Lion, the beauty and the beast, seemingly in a … Continue reading

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Upright Meaning Control, Willpower, Victory, Assertive determination Reversed Meaning Aggression, Lack of control and direction Description of Rider-Waite-Smith A chariot thunder away from a great city. Its noble occupant looks at ease with his situation, deftly controlling the apparently divergent … Continue reading

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What else have I been up to?

Listening to podcasts leaves idle hands and whilst my brain capacity at the end of the working day can be limited to making itty bitty crochet squares I do occasionally have the ability to do more. For the last couple … Continue reading

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Upright Meaning Love, romance, unity, choices, alignment of ideas and values Reversed Meaning Disharmony, imbalance, foolish designs, misalignment of values and ideals. Description of Rider-Waite-Smith The Loves stand in the garden, flanked by the tree of knowledge and the tree … Continue reading

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The Hierophant 

The Hierophant  Upright – Religion, group identity,  conformity, traditional belief Reversed – Restriction, challenging the status quote  (needs more) Description of Rider-Waite-Smith The Hierophant of the Rider-Waite-Smith sits upon a raised throne of stone before richly decorated twin pillars.  Before him kneel … Continue reading

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The Emperor

The Emperor Upright – Authority, Father Figure, Structure, the foundation upon which we build Reversed – Domination, Rigidity, Inflexibility, Controlling, excessive use of force. Description of Rider-Waite-Smith Whilst the Empress reclines on a comfortable throne is a beautiful garden the Emperor sits … Continue reading

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The Empress

The Empress Upright – Beauty, Femininity, Fertility, Nature, Abundance, a guiding female force Reversed – Blockages, smothering, overreacting, Dependency on others Description of Rider-Waite-Smith The Empress sits upon her throne within a beautifully lush garden with all its bounty scattered around her … Continue reading

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