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Hekate Whispers

Hecate whispers words over bones and dust. Slowly, they gather strength to come together and form. She gathers her minions and they march to town. Joseph John Taras Kushnir Hekate is whispering to many a mind at the moment and … Continue reading

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To Hekate and Janus

Hail, many-named Mother of the Gods, whose children are fair Hail, mighty Hekate of the Threshold. And hail to you also Forefather Janus, Imperishable Zeus Hail to you Zeus most high. Shape the course of my life with luminous Light … Continue reading

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The Sceptre of Hekate

Back when I was posting about Light for Leeds I drew some slight attention to the display board and hinted at a local announcement to come. I still can’t make a full and formal announcement but I can give you … Continue reading

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Hekatesia – Hekate’s Night

Hekatesia, meaning Hekate’s night, can appear to the newcomer more than a little confusing. It is a much-used term, with some groups using it to refer to ritual devotion to Hekate performed at the full moon whilst others use it … Continue reading

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Hekate at Lagina

When talking about ancient sites associated with Hekate one site in particular is referenced to, and discussed, over and above all the rest. Lagina, located not far from the modern day border of Greece and Turkey, hosted one of the … Continue reading

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Hekate – Goddess of Witchcraft

Hekate moves in her own way. After posting my opinion on Hekate as a Goddess of Witchcraft and that as such may be invoked for political reasons, thinking that I should write about Hekate as the Goddess of Witchcraft I … Continue reading

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Full Moon in Capricorn

I am a little out of order with my postings after my midweek post on Hekate and being uber keen on posting my basic spell pouch crochet pattern and somehow managed to forget all about my full moon post. I … Continue reading

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