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Flint & Chert

Following on from my post on beach finds something else that I found, and seem to find in perfusion, is flint. I am always drawn to this silicate based stone, in particular because I can ‘see’ the possibilities within it, … Continue reading

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Give Me Your Tired, Your Poor…

The question of Hekate and the Homeless is a subject that comes up from time to time and is one that can divide the community. Some modern practitioners see it as whole consistent with the wider ethos of Hekate’s role … Continue reading

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Hekatean Cord Cutting Visualisation

In my Hekatean Binding Spell  I made reference to a visualisation technique called ‘Cutting the Cord’. This technique is popular for severing ties with a person (or group of people) but is also useful for breaking away from bad habits, … Continue reading

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Is Deity Necessary? 

One issue that a lot of new Witches and pagans become very caught up in is which deity, or pantheon, they will align with. Whilst many will simply make a choice and run with it others spend a long time … Continue reading

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Heketan Binding Spell

In the last few weeks, I have found myself drawn to spell writing.Not necessarily because I have needed the spell in question but because I have seen so posts asking for spells or really bad memes containing really bad spells. … Continue reading

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Axis Mundi and The Spindle of Necessity

What is the Axis Mundi? The Axis Mundi (also cosmic axis, world axis, world pillar or world tree) appears in many cultures and religions around the world. Although it may be expressed in different forms and images it is consistent … Continue reading

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Hekate – From Crone-ing and Rebirth

This post was originally written and presented as a talk given to my local PF moot; The Ravens Rest in January 2017. Introduction Hekate is a goddess of many parts. To some, she is the Infernal Queen of the Underworld … Continue reading

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