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Hekate as a Civic Goddess

When we think of Hekate and where she might be found we think of many things but we don’t particularly think of her in an urban setting. We might imagine her walking along lonely windswept cliff top where land, sea … Continue reading

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The horseshoes appears over and over on folklore and traditional practices that we no longer wonder as to why we see them hanging over doorways of both home and barn. The practice has always been common amongst farming and rural … Continue reading

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Full Moon Traditional Names

The names of the full moons charity and come from many sources. Most reflect Native American tribal traditions and have been relayed to us through Farmers Almanacs produced in the United States. In the United Kingdom Almanacs were also produced, … Continue reading

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Yuletide Blessings

Another turn of the Wheel brings us back to the winter solstice and our celebrations of the Sun. As every, this time of year if filled with light and memory for me and it is a time to look back … Continue reading

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Indalo Man

The Fam went on holiday without me earlier this year. Yes they all trotted off to sunny Spain and left me at home to fend for myself *le sob* They were nice enough to bring me back a little statue … Continue reading

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Hekatesia – Hekate’s Night

Hekatesia, meaning Hekate’s night, can appear to the newcomer more than a little confusing. It is a much-used term, with some groups using it to refer to ritual devotion to Hekate performed at the full moon whilst others use it … Continue reading

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Hekate at Lagina

When talking about ancient sites associated with Hekate one site in particular is referenced to, and discussed, over and above all the rest. Lagina, located not far from the modern day border of Greece and Turkey, hosted one of the … Continue reading

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Sculptures from the Secret Museum: The Visual Anthropology of Phallic Worship – A Talk by Dr H Wickstead

Another lecture at the Henry Moore Institute in Leeds, this time Dr Helen Wickstead, Course Director of MA Museum and Gallery Studies at Kingston University, London. Helen has written widely on prehistoric archaeology, histories of archaeology, heritage and the relationships … Continue reading

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Full Moon in Capricorn

I am a little out of order with my postings after my midweek post on Hekate and being uber keen on posting my basic spell pouch crochet pattern and somehow managed to forget all about my full moon post. I … Continue reading

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Opinion – Witchcraft and Hekate are Political, get over yourself

I am not a fan of Pathos, for a number of reasons, but there are a couple of half decent and intelligent writers hosted there and Scarlet Magdalene is one of them. Scarlet recently posted something she has received a … Continue reading

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